Maped Helix Giveaway

I have teamed up with Maped
to provide a bright and colourful prize for the stationery
lovers. Helix was founded in 1887 but
have come a long way since with lots of fun and exciting innovations that
appeal to children and adults alike.

I have a Β£25 bundle for TWO lucky winners ideal for summer
holiday entertainment, the bundle will include the Bunny Innovation, Flex Box
Colouring Pencils, Color Peps Jungle Innovation, Aqua Colour Peps Water
Coloured, Color Peps Duo Felt Tips and Color Peps Brush Felt Pens.

The Bunny Innovation is a rabbit shaped pencil sharpener,
which looks fantastic with the novelty of moving teeth as you sharpen. I had a very dull pencil sharpener as a
child so I am very envious of this design! 
My rabbit obsessed eldest will no doubt want one in his new pencil case
when he heads back to school in September.

The Color Peps Jungle Innovation is a handy way to store
your pens without worrying about losing lids ever again! We all know how quickly a pen dries out when
it loses its lid, so I think this is a helpful invention that will save a
fortune on replacing colouring supplies!

I really like the Color Peps Duo Felt Tips as they take up
less room as they provide double the colour with each pen! They also seem to have a good range of
colours so children can really express themselves through their drawings.

I think its great Maped Helix make colouring pens for
children with ultra washable ink! Very
important as colouring sessions regularly extend to their hands and clothes and
never seem restricted to just the paper! 

All of this is bound to keep your children happily occupied
over the holidays, its lovely seeing children being creative and I think its
important to provide the right stationery supplies to foster that.

If you would like to enter the competition please fill
out the form below by the 21st of August.

Win a Β£25 Maped Helix Bundle (two winners)

211 thoughts on “Maped Helix Giveaway

  1. Great prize. Wonderful for the children and Adult when doing some colouring in, as all colours clearly accessible.

    Rachel Craig

  2. I adore pens and these look great – I am an addressing officer and use coloured pens on large plans to highlight roads -these would be perfect

  3. This is a great prize and so useful too, my grandson loves drawing and colouring in and even my 14 year old grandaughter joins in. I have them after school and the school holidays so it would be well used here.

  4. This would be a great prize for getting ready for back to school in September. Thanks for the opportunity.

  5. Fabulous my granddaughter is starting school in September and these would come in very handy apart from that she loves to draw and colour

  6. This is a brilliant prize! Great for going back to school in September, my kids always want brand new stuff at the start of the year, they would be over the moon to have this

  7. I have always had a bit of a stationery addiction, and would love these bright and interesting bits – they would be out on my desk immediately – fingers crossed.

  8. A fabulous selection, my daughter and I will both have fun with this, as ha different needs and styles

  9. With a grandson and two granddaughters staying for their holidays and all avid drawing and colouring fanatics this would be the most perfect bundle of top quality items they could possibly enjoy using

  10. These look great – brill to start a new term at school with (although i'd really like to keep them for myself!) (@PeanutHog)

  11. Just shown the photo of the prize to my daughter Arabella aged 7 and she said wow. She loves the rabbit pencil shapner and says she would love having some new pencils and feltips to use. Her 2 year iold sister got hold of her feltips last week and pushed the nibbs down so she is still a little upset over this so if I won this prize she would be over the moon! Also would be great for the start of the new school year for her first colouring project from school, she loves art.

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