Putting our kitchen in the spotlight

Now the kitchen
has had a refresh
and we have plans for the flooring (black tile effect
lino looking like the most likely choice), we also want to change the lights in
there. Have you noticed when you start
one part of a DIY project you suddenly find lots more jobs you now NEED to
do. Any improvement only serves to draw
your attention to all the other problem areas… it can be soul destroying! But at the same time I feel we are making
progress in the right direction.

I like that the kitchen is starting to suit a family home,
rather than a commercial kitchen to feed many more. We have a reliable electrician again – after the previous one did
a midnight flit (best not discussed here), so I am keen to remove more of the
unsightly features remaining in there. 
I think they took delight in removing all the charm and character from
our home. Bah humbug to them!

I would love to add spotlights in our kitchen, as I type
this post I am looking rather longingly at the spotlights in our Bluestone

I have kitchen envy!

We on the other hand have at home six bulky very ugly light
fittings all with chunky covers on (I guess its to protect them if water got
into the electrics – but seriously our ceilings are so high the chances of
splashes at that height are pretty unlikely!). 
I guess commercial properties go slightly overboard on safety features –
just in case or perhaps to bring down their insurance premiums. Who knows their motivations I am just glad
we get the chance to dismantle them and add something more appealing. Although I do have to rein myself in as I
get a bit carried away in my destroy and replace mission.

I plan on buying
the electrics online
rather than using the electrician’s own light fittings
– naturally doing so would come with a bit of a mark up. Ordering direct can save a few quid with us just
paying for the installation and when your dealing with a project on our scale every pound counts…

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