Sprinkles of Summer Fun Campaign

I was pretty excited to be involved in the fab ice lolly’s Sprinkles of Summer Fun
. We really enjoy visiting
the beach; it’s one of those simple pleasures, sand dunes to run down, shells
to find and sandcastles to build. So I
wanted to pick out an activity we tend to do there.

Happiest running free ❤

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jul 14, 2016 at 11:07am PDT

the better weather we have been enjoying metal detecting on the beach with the
boys. It’s so pleasant having the sea
breeze and feeling the sand between your toes to the soundtrack of the occasional beep from
the metal detector. When it goes off we
are always very optimistic, we think this is it! Youngest quickly gets his spade and digs rather hopefully…

Even if we didnt find treasure we still had a fab time! #metaldetecting x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jul 12, 2016 at 10:35am PDT

unfortunately finding treasure is not always guaranteed BUT they still seem to
have lots of fun regardless. It’s a
relatively new activity for our family after youngest had a metal detector off
Santa for Christmas. It’s definitely
more enjoyable now the weather is improving.

can pick up a beginner metal detector and spade quite cheaply so it’s not an
expensive hobby to start. You then have
the added excitement of never knowing what you might find when you head off on
your next adventure. The investment may
well pay off for itself if you find anything more special than a few pound

not much chance of that this time our search yielded a spring, a tent peg, a
rather rusty nail, two newer looking nails, a bottle top and a button. We might not have found any coins but the
boys still had big smiles on their faces thanks to a refreshing fab ice-lolly
pit stop.

will be doing lots more metal detecting over the long summer holidays – on one
short session we managed to find £3.20 – enough to restock up on fab ice
lollies again. This naturally made the
boys realise metal detecting is one activity worth pursuing. We have also realised just how much junk is on
the beach, the biggest frustration is buried disposable barbecues. We plan
on getting a bin bag and doing a bit of a beach clean while we are at it.

find it helps to focus your detecting, stick to areas that are well frequented
(lots of people might have been sat there sunbathing earlier so you have a
higher chance of finding something shiny hopefully!). Although I would like to think if we found a wedding ring we
could reunite it with its owner, but so far a few coins is as good as it

you’re looking for summer activities inspiration and exciting competitions head
to the fab ice lolly’s facebook
. One lucky person will win the
ultimate summer of fun but there are lots of smaller (but incredible) prizes on
offer too.

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