Time to change the boys bunk beds

The boys each have a bunk bed in their separate rooms but lately I have been getting a
little worried as they love playing on them during the day, they always seem to
hang precariously over the sides and I do worry they will fall off mid
adventure! Yes I know you need to give
children free reign to explore and develop through play, its just when you get
something stuck in your head you tend to panic more! Lately they keep calling themselves Bear (and Wolf) Grylls so I know they want to start being a bit more risky and adventurous – so the days of smiling sweetly at the camera and sitting quietly up their are probably numbered!

Then once its actually bedtime and they are all tucked up
nicely, eldest tends to lean over the edge to get books to read from his much
lower book shelf, he cannot be bothered with the short journey down the bunk
bed steps to his book shelf, no he would prefer to see me looking slightly
unnerved as he literally hangs on by his feet. 
I swear he thinks he is a bat! Then
part of me is still waiting the day they play jump off the top bunk like I used
to as a kid, it never went too badly, but my brother and I did have a fair few bruises… maybe I was a bigger daredevil than I thought! I still remember riding down the stairs on a mattress too (fortunately my boys don’t read the blog to get ideas just yet!).

I am trying my best not to wrap them up in cotton wool, but
when I worry about things it affects my sleep and I get even less rest than
normal. Naturally with a blog called
Missing Sleep I never sleep particularly well anyway, but if there is anything
I can do to improve the situation then I am usually pretty determined to remedy
it. I have tried to get youngest to stay on the bottom bunk but the top bunk always calls to him!!!

I think its time to change the beds so I can rest more
easily, but given that the beds they have are still technically in good
condition and work fine hubbie is reluctant to spend. Fortunately I found some cheap
so fingers crossed he will come round to my way of thinking, he is not
as cautious as me he thinks everything will work out fine. I just like to cover all areas so I can
sleep easy.

I would probably get eldest a double bed in the process
anyway, he has plenty of room and needs bigger furniture so he doesn’t look
lost in there. A drum kit was filling a
large section of the room, but he has decided to leave his lessons and stick
with guitar, so if that goes I better put an order in quick (I wouldn’t put it
past him to want to sell the drum kit just to buy more football stickers!).

If you want to use bunk beds it’s recommended not
doing so before your child is six. But
reading this article
from the BBC about bone fractures
isn’t doing anything to quash my fears. I am just getting more eager to place my new bed order!!!

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