Where are you willing to travel?

had our family holiday abroad this year; we went to Lanzarote a few weeks

Happy beach dance #beach #beachlife #lanzarote x

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But before we booked it hubbie
basically let me know which areas of the world he would be happy for us to
visit. He ruled out lots of countries
because of the threat of terrorist attacks, which limited our choice
considerably. Although I understood his
reasons and accepted his decision, admittedly a little reluctantly, I did feel
a sense of loss that we would not get to explore those countries, for the
moment anyway.

Spain and France have
both recently been classed as ‘as high risk of a terrorist attack’ by the
Foreign Office and are both destinations that I have visited in my own childhood
and I wanted my boys to have the opportunity to travel to as I had such fond
memories. I really would have liked
them to go to Disneyland Paris and be lost in the magic of the place or get a
chance to see the beauty of Paris from the lofty heights of the Eiffel Tower.

to the results in this article
about defiant tourists
though the majority of UK travellers (over 80%) have
no intention of altering their travel plans. 
They are determined to continue with their booked holiday
regardless. I must confess I do like
their courage not to be swayed by those that try and encourage apprehension and

and tourism expert and Send My Bag
founder Adam Ewart said, “either we change our plans and let fear dictate our
lives or we make a stand.” I think its
good that so many people are carrying on as normal, reading the article helps
give others the strength to continue to enjoy their freedom. Hopefully airports are also taking more precautions
and putting security in place to give tourists the reassurance they need and
make it safer for everyone to travel.

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