Why Invest in Work Uniform?

My husband is a partner at his workplace; he handles the administrative side of things and tries to keep everything running smoothly. They have been refreshing things lately, adding a sound system to reception, considering updating the seating (it’s a little tired if I am honest) and other small tweaks to improve the overall appearance of the place. It can be a headache at times, dealing with everyone’s conflicting views and ideas, but as a whole everyone does seem to work together well. It might be good to continue to emphasize the team feeling with a standard uniform for each role there. Everyone would love more cohesive, working alongside each other rather than standing apart.

I think some new medical work outfits would be a good idea; I really like the ones from ES Workwear. They look very professional and would enhance the image of the practice. I think patients would feel more confident in the services if everyone were smartly dressed. ES Workwear design dynamic clothes that look great as well as being practical – I guess it would come down to budget but its certainly something they might consider.

Uniforms can motivate staff to; they do not have to invest in buying work clothes anymore or think carefully what to wear each morning, which can be surprisingly stressful according to this article – are you too formal, is your skirt too short? So no more wasted hours over what to wear.

From the bosses perspective you not have to worry your staff might wear something inappropriate or very revealing. It aligns them to the image you want to portray and brings more consistency to the workplace.

For the patients certain colours might make the staff look more approachable, especially for children who might be nervous visiting. So its worth doing some research to see which particular outfit combination would work best.

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