Win a Good Clean Summer Pack

next competition is sure to have your house sparkling with a bundle of fabulous
cleaning products worth £50 provided by Astonish
a British manufacturer who develops cruelty free products in West
Yorkshire. I really like their admiral
qualities; they are all about cleaning products with a conscience. None of their products are tested on animals
(or contain animal derived ingredients), which in itself is a HUGE reason to
stock up on their cleaning products if ever I heard one!

in the bumper pack pictured below are Oxy Plus Stain Remover, Stain Remover Target Spray, Fabric Refresher, Clean and Protect Hand wash, Grease Lifter Tablets Daily Shower Cleaner,
4 in 1
Disinfectant Spray, Window and Glass Cleaner, Fresh Sea Mist Floor Cleaner, All
in 1 Dishwasher Tablets and DustBuster.

Basically everything you could possibly need to make
light work of the household chores. 
Astonish really do have a comprehensive range of products. Whatever your cleaning needs, they will have
a suitable product for you to use to get the place dirt free and glistening.

I feel a real sense of satisfaction when I know the
house is clean and tidy, but it’s frustrating when you buy cleaning products
that don’t live up to their promises. 
Fortunately Astonish have 40 years experience getting their products
right! By using their hard working
products they make it easier to get the worktops spotless and the floors
gleaming (even when you have children and a dog in tow!). They aim to be a quality product that excels
in terms of performance but won’t break the bank either. As a family always watching the pennies I
could not ask for more when I am purchasing cleaning products.

If you would like to enter the competition
please fill out the form below by the 20th of August.
Win a Good Clean Summer Pack Worth £50

274 thoughts on “Win a Good Clean Summer Pack

  1. I haven't tried them yet, but I would like to try the window and glass cleaner would be useful for my shower door which never seems to be clean no matter how I try!

  2. We haven't tried them yet, but if we win this and they're as good as their name implies then our current stain remover will Vanish from our cupboard and our current dishwasher powerder will Finish being used.

  3. I like all astonish products, having OCD i use a lot of cleaning products and use astonish products a lot. I particularly like the fabric refresher as it smells lovely and lasts aslong as other products but for a fraction of the price x

  4. I've seen them in the shops but never tried them – great to hear they're cruelty free and made in UK though, should give them a try maybe!

  5. I haven't heard of this brand before, but it looks good and a good range of products. Would def try the shower cleaner and stain remover. (@PeanutHog)

  6. We are pregnant with our final miracle due to a few issues she's been born at 38 weeks and I'm obsessed with ensuring the cleaning is spot on I love the sound of 4 in 1 Disinfectant Spray.

  7. I love Astonish products and being a vegan their business ethic is important to me! Their Ultimate Limescale Remover is fabulous ~ it really does what it says on the bottle!

  8. I've not tried them but I'd like to give the window and glass one a go as I'm rubbish at cleaning windows. I always leave them with smears

  9. We sell some Astonish items at work, and its amazing how many people specifically ask for this brand. Generally cheaper too. I like the washing up liiquid

  10. Ive yet to try them, I always hear good things about them though! I got banned from buying more cleaning products though as I have quite a few.. this wouldnt be buying them though 😉

  11. I buy there there Milk and Honey hand wash and there limescale remover, they used to do a great fridge and microwave cleaner but haven't seen it this last year,

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