Win A Smiggle Back To School Bundle

have teamed up with Smiggle – so
called because it’s where a smile meets a giggle – to giveaway a very useful,
bright and colourful back to school bundle! 
What better way to start the new term than with this incredible prize,
it will get rid of any apprehension your child might have as they will be far
too excited about all their new stationery to think about anything else.

are huge Smiggle fans here and I am sure will be placing a bumper order before
the boys head back to school in September. 
I love encouraging them to be creative and Smiggle certainly have lots
of innovative products to help with that, especially the scented pencils that
are more thrilling than the boys run of the mill ones!

is dedicated to creating original, fun and affordable stationery and is the
place to be for essentials to start the school year in style. Whether it’s gadgets and gizmos to make
school days extra cool or if you’re looking for a lunchbox to store your tasty
snacks, Smiggle has it covered. Plus
they have lots of offers to keep your order very affordable; it’s worth
checking in regularly to see what the latest weekly hot offer is or to browse
the sale section – although I must warn you once you visit you will find it hard to leave…

back to school products are focused on bold colour, quirky graphics, good value
and innovation– giving fans the must-have essentials to begin any school year.

competition prize includes a Funk Metallic Double Hardtop Pencil case, 4 pack
of Scented Pencils, a Pencil Sharpener, Silicone roll bottle and a Timestable
slapband kit your little ones out just in time for the back to school period!

If you would like to enter please
fill out the form below by the 29th of August.

Win a Smiggle Back to School Bundle

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218 thoughts on “Win A Smiggle Back To School Bundle

  1. Smiggle products are so bright and colourful, and they just make me happy (as a kid a Smiggle shop would have been my Heaven!)

  2. At school at the moment, cool stationery is all the rage according to my son and stepdaughter, they are always asking for new things to take in to show off so Smiggle products would be perfect πŸ™‚

  3. smiggle is really a good invention and original,looks posh and its affordable ,the colours are vibrant and exciting walk in a smiggle shop and your smiggled for everything.

  4. I love the bright colours and when I walk past the local shop I cannot help but go for a browse @bexallum

  5. I love Smiggle. Their stationery is always lovely and bright and full of fun. Kids get so much enjoyment out of collecting new items and that in turn encourages them to use them. x

  6. I love the fact that the designs are so different and get my children drawing rather than sitting on their pads and eldest one on her phone all day. kids actually want to use them to be creative using pen/pencil and paper.

  7. The bright colurs and fun designs make them fun and appealing. I also like that you can get a full stationery and school set in the same design.

  8. Our local Smiggle opened two months ago and they have a great table set up inside with 3 items for Β£5, my 3 year old daughter thinks its amazing – we've neatly collected the whole contents now!

  9. I love it as it appeals to my children the combination of a smile and a giggle makes it stand out as a brand and the items are of very good quality

  10. My daughter loves Smiggle! She is very much into the Kawaii look and these fit the bill perfectly! They are also so different to the usual stationery you find in stores.

  11. What I love about Smiggle is it's quirkiness, uniqueness, its eye catching designs & colours, it's value for money but what really stands out is, not only does it have all these thing, Smiggle quality is second to none! It's definitely the bestπŸ’•

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