We were sent a selection of the
fabulous Anki OVERDRIVE products to share
our thoughts on here.

I am the best mum ever apparently!!! #ankioverdrive #anki set to review looks pretty impressive x

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The boys have had
Scalextric sets before but its always been a bit hit and miss as they tended to
get extremely frustrated when the cars repeatedly came off the tracks and they
would soon tire of racing. Not to
forget how much of a challenge it was getting the car to sit nicely in its
lane, it was such a temperamental toy to own – I was secretly pleased when I
got to chuck it in the bin!

Anki OVERDRIVE on the other hand
is in another league completely, its so sophisticated, the cars only very
rarely leave the tracks and when they do you simply pause the race, return the
car and continue as normal! You do not
have to worry that the other player is progressing whilst you attempt to
re-join the race. On top of that you
get to benefit from advancements to your speed, defences and weapons when you
race (after visiting the garage on the app) and you definitely get caught up in
all the excitement of the race with the music and sound effect effects.

The tracks were easy to connect, we had the ones included
in the starter pack (£149.99) and also additional collision (£29.99), speed
(£19.99) and corner (£19.99) sets. I
would recommend buying as many as you can afford as they make the tracks you
build much more interesting. We are
looking forward to buying the launch kit, as the boys are eager to add some
jumps to the battlefield – ideally the more taxing the better! I am surprised by how long Anki OVERDRIVE
has kept them occupied; they have been singing its praises to everyone
too! Eldest insisted his best friend
came round immediately to have a go and he left on a high (and with an
extensive Christmas list for his mum no doubt!).

Before you race the cars cleverly go round to map the track, I think that in part helps them stay on course!

Two cars are included in the starter pack but we would
recommend buying two more if your budget allows, its something else seeing four
cars line up ready to race! It might
seem like expensive kit but I promise you this is the most advanced racing set
you will find. The whole set seems a
quality product that really does perform well.

The app is free and available to
download on both iOS and Android devices, we have it on a couple of mobile
phones and an Ipad Mini, and as a result we haven’t had a problem having too
few controllers so all four of us can get involved.

I like that you can also race against the AI – perfect if you
have one child at home and they can still have a proper race if your busy doing
other things.

Eldest has made a little video below to show you more,
but suffice to say we are all very impressed with Anki OVERDRIVE.

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