Being Careful in the Sun with Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids

The boys and I don’t
always see eye to eye when it comes to the application of suncream, mainly they
grumble about it and I try and coax them to stay still long enough for me to
apply some! I am always open to trying
new formats because its one battle I would gladly do without. I love summer, but I do not love getting the
boys to wear sunscreen. I am sure many
parents feel exactly the same! Even
giving them the pep talk about sun safety pretty much falls on deaf ears. They feel young and invincible; they don’t get
how much damage the sun can do. 
Regardless of how much they complain I always stick to my guns as I
realise just how essential it is – my dad has had a few moles removed showing
signs of skin cancer and its down to being out in the sun too long without adequate

We have been checking out #ambresolaire suncream newest products #funinthesun #stayingsafeinthesun x

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Garnier Ambre Solaire
sent me two of their Easy Peasy Kids range and I was very grateful to test them
out. The Anti-Sand spray is very clever,
we can often be found at a beach somewhere so having suncream that doesn’t itch
anymore from sand sticking to the skin is a huge help! It certainly means a few less complaints from
the boys. The light mist can be lots of
fun too; eldest said he was doing suncream graffiti whist spraying pictures on
himself! Making it more exciting did lessen
the struggle about using suncream.

The Wet Skin lotion is
handy if your children are in and out of the water, you do not need your child
completely dry before application. So
you can hopefully coax them over, quickly apply and then let them get on with
enjoying time at the beach.

Warning approach with caution! x

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I often see
children with quite tender red skin; it must be painful and uncomfortable for
them. With products like this making the
whole process easier, hopefully more children will be protected from harmful UV

Garnier Ambre Solaire
also sent a little booklet with the message Wrap Up, Splat On and Hat. On particularly hot days I will insist the
boys wear a t-shirt if they are playing out, as much as they would like to run around
in as little as possible a high-necked t-shirt can help stop UV exposure – even
better getting sun safe clothing that are designed specifically with fabrics
that block out a higher percentage of UV rays. Then when applying your Garnier Ambre Solaire Kids don’t forget to reapply regularly! I find it easier to get them to wear a hat if its one the boys really like. They get lots of nice comments about their palm tree trilby’s.

Bear and “Wolf” Grylls have set up home in the wilds! x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Aug 16, 2016 at 1:51pm PDT

To read more about these products and staying safe in the sun head over to the Garnier website.

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  1. I worry about my kids getting sunburn. It's factor 50 all the way here. My daughter has sensitive skin and tends to come out in hives when it's very hot but the sun lotion really helps with that too. My son gets a beautiful tan regardless (jealous) Love your photos, they look so happy x

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