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I really love filling the house
with photo’s, to be honest with the kids safely tucked up in bed and the house
restored to a peaceful calm, I like looking at the canvas prints on my walls
and feeling blessed and fortune for all the lovely things we have done, the
places we have visited and the happy memories we have as a family! I don’t tend to have many other types of
pictures really, the ones of my own family are the ones I like the most and
really treasure.

Naturally when they are awake, loud and fighting I don’t
tend to appreciate what I have quite as much!!! So it helps to have a quick glance at those precious times to
keep me on track… especially if I have managed to capture a rare shot of my
boys actually being kind to each other – usually its “he did this”, “that’s
mine!” “get out of my room”… etc. So
hang on to the moments your children actually get along and print it out for a

When I was offered a Bonusprint voucher to stock up on more
photo products I jumped at the chance. 
Fortunately we have plenty of walls still to fill and I had plenty more
photo’s that seemed to make their way on to facebook but hadn’t managed to be
printed off and enjoyed in real life. I
like the #ProudtoPrint concept we should not lose our pictures somewhere on our
computers, they should be admired on sideboards, mantelpieces and walls. But with the digital age I guess we are all
a bit guilty of not printing pictures as often as we should. My dad brings out the albums and I love
going through all the pictures I want that for my boys. A tangible item they can flick through and

I plan on printing pictures more
regularly as I found the Bonusprint site easy to navigate and very user
friendly. Our photography is a bit hit
and miss so I really appreciated that their online tool told me if the pictures
I hoped to use were of an acceptable quality. 
Apparently if you want to take better photographs you should ditch the
flash (smartphones make pictures too bright), get close to what your capturing
so you control the lightening and make the most of the golden hour (the first
and last hour of sunlight) when you have a more golden glow.

I ordered three of the Canvas
I went for smaller ones so I could cluster a selection together,
just to add a bit of variety to our wall space.

I was really pleased with how quick my order came and how well
packaged it was. I also ordered a
couple of the Polaroid-style prints, I liked how these felt a bit more retro
and it was great to be able to add some words to the picture to make them even
more meaningful.

I also have a £80 Bonusprint voucher to giveaway,
which could give you as many as a 1,000 photo prints – ideal if your finally
filling in those memory books for your children. If you would like to enter the competition please fill out the
form below by the 15th of September.
Win a £80 Bonusprint voucher

205 thoughts on “Bonusprint Review & Giveaway #ProudtoPrint

  1. I went to a close friends wedding this year and my little fella was dressed up very smartly in a waistcoat…he befriended the photographer and she captured a beautiful moment with him amongst some flowers growing at the venue that has become my favourite shot of all time- and I'd LOVE to have that one on the wall! Thanks 🙂

  2. A photo of myself, my two sisters, brother and my nephew on our family "special birthday" holiday to Jersey. My twin sister and I were 50, my eldest sister was 60 and my nephew was 21.

  3. One of me, my husband and children where we are all looking happy and everyone has their eyes open etc.!

    Hazel Rea – @beachrambler

  4. I have been researching my family tree and Ive gathered up lots of photos of the family from the past and Id like to make them into a collage and get them printed onto canvas.

  5. I have a photograph of three of my grandchildren in my Mother's living room all playing on the floor together. They all just looked up at the same time as I took the photo – just one of them special moments.

  6. i have a picture of four generations (females) of my mum, me, my daughter and my grand daughter its such a rarity we are all together as my parents live in wales (im in london) and my daughter lives in kent, so thats a picture to cherish always and such a lovely picture id like it printed to frame to add to what i call my hall of fame (literally my whole hallway is covered in framed pictures, family memories, children husband grand children friends that sort of thing, fingers crossed and good luck every body.

  7. I'm certainly guilty of just posting pictures on social media and not printing them out. I really should print more of our 4 children together because soon enough they'll want to spend less time with us and more time with their friends!

  8. Torn between 2. One of my friend and her favourite actor. She went to London (a big thing for her as she has Aspergers) and waited to meet him. Apparently he was really lovely with her (so pleased) and it would be a great present for her. OR one of all the family (8 adults and 3 children) which was taken earlier this year. Sister and brother-in-law live in the USA so we don't see them very often, it would be a great present for my Mum. 🙂 Sorry for the long essay and thanks for the chance.

  9. I have one with all my 3 young kids together which is rare as one has special needs and hates photos, and i have one with my 4 kids together which is also rare as my eldest lives far away now. I would have them printed, i would love this as i have no printed photos since i lost them all 4yr ago when i had to move quickly, i put my name as Lisa Mcalley but it has came up as Trapped Debz

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