Bugles of possibilities

I was sent the three varieties of
the newly launched Walkers
to have a little bit of fun. 
The crunchy cone shape is a novelty and makes snack time interesting… it
gives you lots of scope to do something different.

We already buy these regularly; I
have a penchant for the Southern Style BBQ – so very tasty! But I was more than happy to sample Cheese
and Sour Cream and Black Pepper too. Regular
crisps are a bit boring now we have Bugles in our lives.

We decided to improvise and have
little Bugles ice creams, using cream cheese and a cucumber flake! Perhaps if I eat enough Bugle ice cream
cones the sun will decide to grace us with its presence.

Eldest who is nine really adored
these. Apparently they are lush and he
could eat them forever! A much more
positive reaction as he usually grumbles over my limited uninspiring snack time

Having fun with #bugles corn snack – mini soft cheese ice cream cones with cucumber flake! x

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The summer holidays are LONG and the endless complaints
exhausting, so for him to be happy about a mini Bugle cone was all good in my
book. Seriously packs can be brought
quite cheaply and you have instant entertainment for your older children (or
the grown ups, especially the ones you have over for wine nights to
anaesthetize the pain of parenting!). 
Clawed hands, dinosaur shapes, using them as playing pieces for games,
Bugles aren’t your average snack – they are so much MORE! After you have been amused you can chomp
down on the cone and enjoy the delicious taste.

After he had his fill of cones a
la cream cheese he played a stacking game with the remainder of the pack. He managed to get to six, so you will have
to see if you can do better. We can get
quite competitive here at times so it will give us something to aim for if you
beat it.

Now head off to your nearest supermarket and get your
own pack of Bugles (the sharing bags we were sent retail at £1.99) and most
importantly get creative and enjoy yourselves.

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  1. I have't ever seen those before but they do look like great fun. I love crisps anyway but I like the idea of being able to fill the cones with different fillings, perfect for dips.

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