Finding My Interiors Inspiration

think soon we will be able to tackle our dining room; it’s currently a bit of
an eyesore, which explains why I rarely take pictures in there. We have a gorgeous family sized table now
with a bench but we desperately need to have the walls skimmed and new flooring
added. I have been getting some interiors
in preparation; I want quite a classic look. I would really like to purchase a dresser
similar to the one pictured, it’s perfect to showcase a few belongings without
making the room appear cluttered. I
love the quirky details too like a teacup lamp.

dining room is a decent sized but it has some flaws, it’s very dark in there
perfect for an intimate meal for two but not practical for the majority of the
time. Although as of yet I am not sure what type of lights to have fitted, I would rather have lots of natural light, but the window in our room is quite small compared to every other room in the house.

I want a bright cheerful
countryside dining room, with our existing big table, lots of character, fresh
flowers from the garden and a serving of afternoon tea. It’s interesting to read that the colour
magnolia is quite clinical, we are guilty of it being our go to paint choiceā€¦
perhaps we should learn to experiment and try pastel colours for a change! Otherwise I think every room in our house
will be magnolia and it probably does get a bit repetitive after a while. Although its grey that interests me at the
moment, I have noticed more and more people using it effectively. I think its time I thought about adding more
character through the choice of colour, furniture and lighting. A lot of the original features have gone
from our old house, but we could look at making the best of what is left. We have high ceilings and spacious rooms to
work with.

Baytree Interiors are all about
creating a home you love. We have
bought the forever house but are still in the process of filling it with
furniture and accessories. Each room is
probably almost double the size of that in our precious home, so our scarce
belongings look quite lost. With
one credit card gone and another with a big dent made in what we owe, we really
can think about renovating the house again and after reading that article about
interiors I am excited to get cracking again. 
Our previous house had a kitchen diner, not a separate dining room like
we can have here, so its time to get some ideas and move forward!

My parents like showing visiting friends our house,
but I do get embarrassed with the state of some of the rooms. We needed so much building work done to the
outside the interior is sadly lacking. 
Although each year sees us achieve something new so hopefully 2017 will
see more progress, I just will take it slowly and try not to feel overwhelmed
with how much still needs to be finished.

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