Introducing ZeekMinder & Win £50 Credit

I must confess I am not the best at remembering important dates, I usually only notice when someone puts it up as a facebook status, by then its all very last minute seeing as the occasion is already midway through happening! We have a January wedding anniversary that apparently is less likely to be forgotten (then eight other months of the year) according to research conducted by gift card marketplace Zeek.



I have still managed to forgot it a few times over our nine years of marriage,
one year my mum reminded me and another year a good friend who lives away, each
time it was on the day itself though so I did not have much time to look like I
had remembered all by myself!!! I was
cheeky though and rang hubbie at work and still managed to make him feel guilty
he forgot…


ZeekMinder is a really useful service that
allows you to add all your important dates and occasions with the aim of
keeping everyone out of the doghouse.
No sulking wives or husbands because a special day has gone
unnoticed. It’s simple and easy to add
your special someone’s, so you have no excuse anymore. I plan on pointing hubbie in the right
direction, after all happy wife, happy life and all that haha!



the children have come along our focus seems to be more towards them, its not
that I don’t want to remember I just have so many more distractions in my
life. When we first got together we
celebrated everything in style, it was nice to have lots of fuss and
attention. These days if hubbie is
lucky he might get a hastily wrapped tolberone, although I would love to think
of something more suitable (like a gift voucher for his favourite store) and hopefully
with the Zeek reminder system I will have more time to get myself organised and
win lots of brownie points!!!


To celebrate the launch of Zeekminder, I have have teamed up with gift-card market place Zeek to offer one lucky reader the chance to win £50 credit to spend on the site. To enter couldn’t be easier – simply fill in the form below including sharing your special occasion fail. The competition will close on the 24th of September.


153 thoughts on “Introducing ZeekMinder & Win £50 Credit

  1. I usually forget the birthdays in my partner's family – he expect me to remember them so he doesn't have to. Luckily his mum usually reminds us both at some point before the actual date.

  2. I always forget my sisters wedding anniversary. I feel really bad when I drop by and see everyone elses cards to them 🙁

  3. I tend to remember important dates, it helps I have a small family! But I did once forget I was going to a friends for lunch. She had pasta waiting for me and it ended up overdone, I felt so guilty.

  4. I once had everything ready for Mother's Day (card, present etc.), but the morning of, I was really tired and not feeling well, so it wasn't until I'd got through the whole of breakfast in the kitchen (making random conversation with my mum!) before I suddenly realised what day it was and ran back upstairs to get the card and present!

  5. Yes, a relatives birthday. Relative went into a huff. We had been close when younger. I had had so many changes in regards to work, change of workplace,hours, travelling etc, etc. I think I was just lacking in energy and missed date for a few days. Wish it hadn't happened, as do love relative dearly.

    Wish Employer had been more supportive and considerate in regards to impact of frequent changes on the employees. Especially given that service was Health Care. Family Friendly Policies are relevant for those with and without children etc. Needed support and company of loved ones. Yet work commitments had been increased due to major changes within Organisation etc.

    I believe that Personal Development, Annual Review etc should be appropriate time and place to discuss work Life Balance. Family Friendly Policy etc, etc. Carers also need support, and should be offered and discussed at a convenient time and place :- In privacy, not in work enviroment.

    Rachel Craig

  6. Yes, I've forgotten my Mums birthday, had a lovely long conversation with her in the morning, said goodbye and she said she was off for a glass of wine, I called her a wino and she said well I am allowed on my birthday! I wished the earth had swallowed me up, I had totally forgotten!

  7. Oh dear was never good but have a brain condition now which makes me forget even really important things like taking meds, where I'm supposed to pick the kids up and names of new people. And forgetting names of things like Beetroot, thats the name I tend to forget and then spend 5 mins describing you know that purple vegetable you can pickle!

  8. My son's birthday, I was in hospital with my daughter holding her hand as she gave birth to my grandson. I had been there over 30 hours. My grandson was born on my son's birthday and although I had bought his cards I wasn't home to celebrate with him.he was quite miffed and thought we had forgotten about him!

  9. I once forgot my nan and grandee's wedding anniversary – which is bad considering it's the same day as my own birthday! In my defence I forgot about my birthday too!!

  10. There have been times i've forgotten my sisters birthday (I am awful with dates!) and she's given me a earful, definitely. I try to put reminders in my phone these days so I don't forget 🙂

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