Scoot Lock Review and Giveaway

Most parents are probably thinking about back to school now
(and perhaps breathing a sigh of relief!); my boys have less than a week to go
(phew!). Hopefully your uniforms have
all been ordered and have arrived (unless your extremely last minute like me
and praying the delivery arrives ASAP!). 
However you might also want to consider ordering a Scoot Lock ready for your children to safely
secure their scooter or bike in the schoolyard – having seen it in action I
think it’s a back to school essential myself.

The boys were sent one each to review and are really pleased
with them. They occasionally ride their
scooters to school and I do worry about them going missing. It has happened to other children before and
understandably they were very upset. On
top of that eldest was always quite frustrated as younger children would go on
his scooter whilst youngest and I waited for him to finish school; he is over
the moon “they cannot mess with my stuff now!” – as he so eloquently puts
it! He will probably be keener to scoot
to school knowing his beloved stunt scooter won’t be ridden without his express

Hubbie found them easy to install, they are very handy to
have as you just leave them on the scooter or bike until you need to secure
your vehicle. Ideal if your rushing in
the morning and you might get to school realising you forgot the all-important
lock; with it constantly attached you have no such worries! It really is a very clever design that also
doubles as a reflector to keep your child safer on the road.

Generally when the boys aren’t at school their bikes (and
scooters) tend to be chucked rather unceremoniously on the floor so they can
dash off and play with friends, having a bike lock is making them much more
responsible. They look around their
surroundings, find a suitable spot and prop their vehicles up nicely before
securing with the Scoot Lock. As they
boys get older and more independent owning the scoot lock means they can go
into shops with their friends without having to wait outside keeping an eye on
their bikes.

The boys like the excitement of setting their own
combination code and the Scoot Lock only costs £19.99, which I think is a very
fair price for the quality of the product. 
The product is a brainchild of a mum who had her child’s scooter stolen
and you can tell how much thought and dedication has gone into its development.

I have two Scoot Lock’s to giveaway (one each for two winners) if you would like to
enter please fill out the form below by the 28th of September.

Win a Scoot Lock (2 winners)

117 thoughts on “Scoot Lock Review and Giveaway

  1. Scoot Lock seems a great idea, very practical solution for scooter and bike security. After all the children are using these as vehicles, and they are allowing them to get exercise outdoors. Some schools have been encouraging use of bike and / or scooters, providing bike stands etc.

    Rachel Craig

  2. Fantastic – My son scoots to school and I have to bring the scooter back home and then back to school, but with this it means it could be left at school

  3. This would be really useful, especially when we visit the local playground and the little fella just decides to dump his scooter on the floor and run to the other side of the playing area to play 😉

  4. Fab the "Scoot Lock" is a great idea, very practical solution for scooter and bike security as it's often easy to forget how valuable these things are. Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. These are perfect for my girls' scooters! It is perfect for when we pop to the shops, or the local swimming complex so the girls know they can leave their scooters in safety!

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