Win a Braun Body Grooming Kit (RRP £129.99)

have recently launched six fantastic new products as part of their Braun
Styling range and to celebrate I have a fabulous Braun Body Grooming Kit (RRP
£129.99) to giveaway.

This sophisticated piece of kit removes hair from the root
so you stay smooth for up to four weeks – ideal if you’re usually in a rush
trying to get clean-shaven for work! 
With less necessity to shave you can benefit from some more shuteye of a
morning or ideally get up and make your doting wife a cup of tea (just a
hopeful plea in case my own hubbie is reading!).

conveniently the Braun Body Grooming Kit can even be used in the shower, so it
can fit in easily to your normal get up and go routine. You can groom the whole body as this product
allows you to shave, epilate and trim depending on the part of your body your
tackling. Making it easy to stay smooth
and effortlessly gorgeous! Once charged
the battery lasts 40 minutes so ample time to take care of all your body hair –
even if you resemble Chewbacca!!!

other products are the Braun Precision Trimmer (£14.99), Braun Body Groomer (£39.99),
Braun Multi Groomer (£69.99), the Braun Beard Trimmer (£39.99) and the rather
intelligent Braun Hair Clipper (£39.99) that remembers your last setting even
when the attachment is removed. I think
with the raising costs of living owning a hair clipper is a wise investment; it
soon pays for itself compared to regular trips to the barbers.

available products go to show that whatever you’re grooming needs Braun will
have a product to suit. Men want to
look good and feel confident but it’s not always easy with the pressures of
family life, these products have been designed to make styling a breeze
regardless of how little time you have to commit to your appearance.

you would like to win the Braun Body Grooming Kit please fill out the form
below by the 27th of September.

Win a Braun Body Grooming Kit (RRP £129.99)

284 thoughts on “Win a Braun Body Grooming Kit (RRP £129.99)

  1. What an absolutely amazing giveaway, I have always fancied trying one of these, my sister has used one for years now. Must admit, it would be nice to go a few days without regrowth lol I can shave on an evening and by the next morning I can feel stubble!

  2. Great post! I like the sound of it being usable in the shower, that could really increase flexibility and convenience.

  3. I shave my legs daily so if it allowed me to go a few days without the need how great. I am always worried I am going to get run over and scare the paramedics, so I do my best to keep om top of things. It's just time

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