Back to School with George #ohtheplacesyoullgo

We were sent a copy of the Dr. Seuss book “oh, the places
you’ll go!” because once kitted out in their George
school uniforms
children are set for adventures wherever they decide to

Wondering what adventures eldest will have in his smart new @asda school uniform #ohtheplacesyoullgo x

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When schools out the boys don’t tend to change from uniforms
unless there is a birthday party to attend – the uniform is so hardwearing and
practical perfect for surviving the playground and any after school clubs! The shoes stay fresher with the Micro-Fresh®
technology for long after
school hikes (hunting for Pokemon) or riding bikes. They make plans at school and come out excited, heading to the
park no longer do I find myself invited. 
They are growing in independence, they want to just go, I can’t swaddle
them forever this much I know.

Wide-eyed and enthusiastic to start a new school term, they
want their uniform to look the part – their hair carefully styled, it matters
more now. Apparently at nine you can’t
just walk out the door! Gel is applied,
a spray of dad’s lynx if allowed.

As they headed off to school it was another step in their
future – sometimes they will have good days and others not so much. But hopefully they will learn to keep
positive and find the right path. What
will be guaranteed is they will be comfortable and warm wearing their George
school uniform. As much as we like to
keep them little they start to become individuals and want their own
space! But at least you can ensure they
leave home in the perfect fit, colours bold and bright and whites that haven’t
faded to grey – I might not be allowed to hold their hand to the school gate
but I can make sure their uniform is everything it needs to be.

So remember children “today is your day” – head off on
an adventure, have a spring in your step, laugh and smile, make friends,
explore, discover the world and more than anything know George and your parents have your back!

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  1. Mine are the same and stay in their uniform the whole day and just put a clean set on the next day. One of my daughters won't where anything but a particular Asda skirt style right now and finding it in her size has been interesting! Mich x

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