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love reading; its something that I find really relaxes me, whilst some stories
inspire me others set me off on an adventure or encourage me to make lifestyle
changes. So I thought it would be
lovely to have a book giveaway here on my blog thanks to Literally Public Relations, I have two
bundles of six books each for this competition with hopefully something for all
the family to enjoy.

Time: The Immortal Divide

KS Turner brings you fantasy fiction that gets you really
thinking. Are we ruled by fate or do we
have freedom of choice? Will the characters manage to prevent the darkness from
swallowing everything? A definite page-turner, as you get drawn into the
challenges Tachra must face.

Knickers Model’s Own

I found the concept heart warming the author Caroline
Jones actually set about raising money Cancer Research UK after her mum
sadly died from breast cancer. What an
inspirational lady, who turned her grief into something positively amazing and
managed to raise over £50,000 through donations by showcasing her fabulous
outfits created from purchases from Cancer Research shops on social media. The book has all the tips you need to find
pre-loved clothes, jewellery and hats that will turn heads and continues her
fundraising journey with 100% of profits from book sales going directly to
Cancer Research UK.

Love Spells

Marianne Vicelich wants us to keep that feeling of love alive
and her book is a useful tool to achieve that, often parents are frazzled, marriage
can be difficult, you can feel like your going through the motions making sure
the kids are okay, the work is done and the house tidy! You fall into bed exhausted at the end of
the night having ticked off your to do list, but with no energy left for your
partner. We have good months and bad
months; we stumble along either madly in love or on the verge of divorce – this
book could be the solution with guidance on healing an argument, spicing up our
love life and getting rid of all the negative emotions that get in the way of
love in its purest form.

Food Intolerance Solutions

Mary Roe’s book was designed to
help anyone dealing with chronic food intolerance issues, its no fun when you
have to limit what you eat and drink but a book like this can certainly help
you on a practical level. It gives you
suggestions of alternatives to try instead, helps you recognise the symptoms
and deal with your concerns more positively.

Daddy Do My
Hair? Beth’s Twists

Tola Okogwu’s
rhyming book aims to bring more diversity at story time and highlight the
importance of the relationship between father and child. It might be a small gesture but doing your
child’s hair can really strengthen that bond you share. This book with its beautiful illustrations
will be much treasured by children everywhere as they can identify with the
content of the story.

My Mother, My
Daughter, My Self

Dr Jane Goldberg’s
latest book is all about how the relationship with our mothers affects every
other aspect of our lives. So if you
want lots more insight into what is one of our strongest relationships this is
the book for you.

To enter the book bundle competition please fill out the form below by
the 23rd of October.

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128 thoughts on “Book Bundle Giveaway

  1. Daddy do my hair, as my little boy has long hair and so does his daddy. It is always looked at as a girly thing, so it would be nice to show a male taking care of specific hair needs, even though it is a daughter and not a son.

  2. Which book from the ones included in the prize are you looking forward to reading most? . . . .Food Intolerance Solutions

  3. Food Intolerance Solutions

    Finding now that I am older, some favourite foods no longer agree with me and I am wondering if it's just old age instead. 🙂 Be an interesting read to discover what I find out. Thanks for the chance.

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