Dr Brown’s Gift Set Giveaway

my latest competition I am teaming up with Dr
to giveaway the rather impressive Options bottle gift set worth
£49.99, this is the perfect prize if you are expecting or have a newborn
already. It includes a microwave
steriliser, bottles, teats, a bottlebrush and two travel caps – so you see with
one rather comprehensive purchase you are well equipped with everything you
need to start feeding your child. Even
if you plan on breastfeeding its handy having bottles ready if you want to use
a breast pump so your partner has no excuse to help with those tiring night

your gift shopping for an expectant mum this is a very useful set that would no
doubt be very much appreciated by them. 
Not just because it is convenient having everything included in one
starter set but because the Dr Brown’s bottles have a unique
internal vent system which is designed to relieve colic and burping.

The clever vent stops the baby ingesting air whilst they
feed. This means they will be more
comfortable and you will both feel happier in the process. Colic can be miserable to live through; it’s
hard seeing your little baby suffering. 
If it’s as simple as changing to a Dr Brown’s bottle than its worth
giving it a try, apparently 9 out of 10 health professionals recommend them for
colicky symptoms. They also seem to
have other significant benefits, one study found the vent system in Dr Brown’s
bottles help prevent nutrient loss from air bubble oxidisation of the milk – yes
sounds all very scientific but as parents who want the best for their children
it definitely captured my attention.

The Options bottles are very
versatile when your baby is older you can if you choose easily remove the vent
when feeding problems are no longer an issue. 
All of Dr Brown’s bottle parts have reassuringly been BPA free. None of
Dr. Brown’s products have ever contained PVC, phthalates, or lead so it’s a
suitable choice for your precious bundles.

If you would like to
enter the competition to win the gift set please fill out the form below by the
20th of October.
Win a Dr Brown's Options Gift Set (£49.99)

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  1. My daughter has announced this week that she is expecting her first baby in June. These bottles would be great, especially as they help reduce colic

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