Introducing the Riverford Veg Fund #competition

Riverford have started a
wonderful initiative helping make it easier to raise funds for your children’s
school. Lets be honest parents are
always digging out a tombola or raffle prize, baking up a batch of cakes or
volunteering their help to man a stand of some kind to help with the school
coffers. But now it’s even simpler to
do your bit just by encouraging your school to sign up to the Riverford Veg Fund –
much better than dusting off unwanted Christmas presents and then seeing them
constantly doing the rounds from one raffle to the next…

Once the school is
registered its just a matter of getting the word out there, sadly Riverford do
not deliver to my area at the moment otherwise I would be busy coaxing all the
parents to order tasty Riverford veg boxes. 
Not only is it a clever fundraising idea it really helps everyone in the
family have a healthier lifestyle and hopefully try new vegetables. If
you’re an existing customer Riverford will still kindly donate so you see it
would be silly not to get involved, you are actively fundraising just by
continuing to do what you normally would.

a parent has ordered three times Β£15 will be donated to the school so if you
can encourage enough parents to join it will have a big impact on the quality
of your child’s learning through better supplies and materials to educational
trips for them to enjoy.

are very supportive in helping you raise awareness once you have registered,
they have supplementary information and raffle prizes available that you can
use to convince other parents what a sensible idea it is to order from
Riverford, after all its convenient, organic and very reasonably priced. I really do think it’s a great idea.

celebrate the arrival of the Riverford Veg Fund I have a large fruit and veg box to
giveaway (please check they deliver to your area before entering). If you would like to enter
please fill out the form below by the 26th of October.

Win a Riverford large fruit & veg box

229 thoughts on “Introducing the Riverford Veg Fund #competition

  1. The best thing about Riverford is that you always have a great range of vegetables in the cupboards to make fresh and healthy meals. They are always great quality as well.

  2. Riverford are professional, friendly and responsible. They provide excellent customer service, fantastic fruit and veg and their organic Prosecco is the best.

  3. these are a fantastic idea, we don't have a local greengrocer anymore so struggle to get good quality food like this

  4. I recently took in a Riverford box for a neighbour who had just given birth and was still in the hospital. Someone had ordered it as a treat and boy it was a treat. I was lucky enough to see the contents and it was all so lovely and fresh looking, made my mouth water!

  5. I love Riverford boxes, they are always so fresh! The fundraising is such a great and easy way to raise funds for schools. My little grand-daughter is not at school yet but when she is I would certainly consider it.

  6. So many people don't get the chance to eat the amount of fruit and vegetables needed to be as healthy as they can be. I think the fund is a great way to help schoolchildren and others in need.

  7. The veg fund is an excellent idea. I haven't actually tried a box of their's but if it was as high quality as it looks, then the charitable extra would be a strong incentive to keep me going back to them!

  8. I have often considered using Riverford as the boxes look great, but have never got around to it – maybe I should take the plunge now

  9. What a great thing the Riverford Veg Fund does! Families can get delicious fresh fruit and veg, and the local schools can benefit too!

  10. My partner & I work full time and the local shops are often closed when we get home. Veg boxes are a life saver, especially as we love cooking. Loving the look of Riverford's produce and would love to try.

  11. Fruit and Vegetables :- Delicious and Nutritious. River ford Veg Fund seems like a good idea, as we do need all the assistance we can get to ensure we all eat well. Though I enjoy fruit and vegetables, it is the getting the shopping home which can be difficult, these items can be heavy. So delivery is a great bonus. Also School benefiting from Funds, may assist with a particular School project, so children can have a memorable experience etc (e.g. Maybe a trip to museum, Art Gallery, Animal Farm etc, etc)

    Rachel Craig

  12. What a brilliant idea the Riverford Veg Fund is πŸ™‚ I absolutely adore my vegetables so I've always loved the concept of a box of amazing fresh veg being delivered to my door, heaven!

  13. I have heard good things about Riverford veg boxes. I have tried another veg box company so now I would really like to give Riverford a try – and their school scheme sounds excellent.


  14. so nice to see home grown products all fresh and nutricious delivered straight to your door and well done for donating to schools how it is today a welcome addition to the meals for hungry tummies,

  15. Leave a nice comment about Riverford, the products or the new veg fund . . . . . this is a splendid idea, shame more firms don't do it

  16. The fund is a generous idea but am I the only one who thinks that something as important as our children's education should not have to be dependent on the generosity of companies or parents? Perhaps if certain greedy individuals and companies had been prosecuted and fined for their behaviour, there would be sufficient money in the public purse to fund our schools properly.

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