Learning to re-use not just recycle #plasticchallenge

My youngest lately has become
quite concerned about our impact on the environment; bedtime usually finds us
chatting about the Ozone layer and what will happen if such and such
occurred. I try and elude his fears
with practical ways we can help do our bit by recycling and conserving
energy. It’s good to see the younger
generations wanting to be more involved in looking after the planet; it’s their
future after all.

Yet BRITA found that a
remarkably high percentage of children are now drinking bottled water instead
of tap in certain parts of the country. 
I am quite happy for mine to drink tap water although I do prefer if
it’s filtered, as I think that improves the taste. Rather than buying plastic bottle after bottle its makes sense to
invest in a refillable vessel like the BRITA fill&go Vital product – it
saves you money and cuts back on all those single use bottles that hang around
for up to 400 years!!!

I guess I never felt too guilty
as I thought at least we recycled but the manufacture of those plastic bottles
still release Carbon Dioxide which isn’t doing the Ozone layer any
favours. When we are out at attractions
from now on I would prefer having a refillable bottle and stop adding to the
problem. We do not buy a huge amount of
bottled products but every little helps. 
Plastic pollution is becoming a real issue because of those changing
opinions about tap water. I had not
realised it was on such a large scale as I live where tap water is still widely

Richard McIlwain, Deputy Chief Executive of Keep Britain Tidy said
“More than 5 billion bottles every year end up littered or in landfill and the
vast majority of these bottles are made of plastic which is a valuable
resource. We want to see people firstly reduce their dependence on single use
plastic bottles and then collect and recycle what’s left.”

Beauty and wellbeing entrepreneur and BRITA sustainability ambassador Liz Earle said, “The growing use of single-use plastic water bottles among current and future generations, and its contribution to increased plastic pollution in the UK, is a major concern. Communicating issues about wellbeing is something I do every day and I believe that protecting the environment is fundamental to the wellbeing of all of us in the UK.”

Given the statistics I am keen to join the plastic challenge next June
and reduce my plastic footprint. 
Although I don’t think you need to wait till a certain time of year to
get actively involved you can change your drinking habits now and start to make
a real difference when it comes to helping the environment. So our next bedtime discussion will
certainly include cutting back on single use drink bottles – and switching
youngest to filtered tap water as much as possible.

6 thoughts on “Learning to re-use not just recycle #plasticchallenge

  1. We are always reusing our plastic bottles as water bottles and then I save them after this for arts and crafts with our holiday guests. They have several reuses before finally hitting recycling.

  2. We always save our squash bottles for picnics, watering plants in the garden and anything else – water for the car for example! I'm happy to drink tap water too – and I drink so much of it I'd be quite poor if I bought it by the bottle!

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