LPG Top-up Technology (one less thing to worry about!)

Lets be honest its no secret I am
away from oil towards LPG
another reason is because of the automatic top-up
technology. I was reading the
infographic below with interest.

I have an awful memory, if I don’t write something down
its gone, so it seems the perfect solution for me an energy source that
automatically orders more. Otherwise my house is covered in yet more post stick notes…

There has been a
few times we have completely run out of oil and its been a huge inconvenience
waiting for the delivery to arrive, its frustrating because I know its no-one’s
fault apart from mine, if the company are very busy it can take up to a week!!!

But its not something I can check easily, the gauge is on
the blink so hubbie usually pops a stick in there to try and assess how much
oil we have left (not the most efficient way of doing things I’ll admit!). Actually I might need him to go and do that
again as he hasn’t in awhile and we might be running dangerously low again…

Those few days without oil though
are dreadful; it’s either a cold bath or no bath, seeing as I like hot steaming
water that doesn’t seem an acceptable choice for me! I can go to my parents but they are on a water meter so aren’t
always particularly keen to have an arrival of four wanting hot showers!!!

I think it’s so clever that the gas can re-order
itself and its one less thing to worry about. 
It makes me even more tempted to switch
LPG supplier
as Calor have some great deals and hubbie wouldn’t have to be left
out in the cold winter trying his best to calculate the remaining oil. Instead he could
just be smug knowing LPG top up technology will sort itself out. It should help martial bliss too, as we
always argue over who forgot to remind who to re-order the oil!!!

7 thoughts on “LPG Top-up Technology (one less thing to worry about!)

  1. I've stayed at several houses with no gas supply but an oil tank. I've always thought it must be very inconvenient. When I was at primary school our school closed several times because it ran out of oil for the heating!

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