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I have reviewed Lumie Bodyclock Iris before Lumie are a great brand and I was thrilled to feature one of their products again. This time I
was sent the Lumie Clear (RRP Β£149.99) to review; it claims to be a safe and
natural way to relieve the symptoms of acne. 
Even at 37 I do have flare-ups and my skin can feel quite uncomfortable
and painful. Having a clear face makes
me feel more confident and as I do not like wearing much in the way of make-up
(only for rare special occasions) I don’t feel I can even hide my acne from
public viewing.

you covering the problem with a thick layer of concealer isn’t going to get rid of it – only make it worse as
the skin can’t breathe because the pores are all clogged up! I know my lifestyle plays a part in my
breakouts, but I can’t give up cake (it keeps me sane!) and I know I don’t get
enough sleep (blame Netflix, blogging and occasionally the boys!), so none of
those things are going to change any time soon. The Lumie Clear seems a much more attractive option than trying
to live without sugar in my diet!

Putting this #lumieclear acne light treatment through its paces, also have one to #giveaway so keep an eye on my blog πŸ˜€ #saygoodbyetospots #acne #scars x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Sep 3, 2016 at 12:15pm PDT

am using a stock picture of the product in use, hubbie did take some of me in
action but my eyes were all squinted wearing the safety goggles (I think my
darling husband adjusted them too tight!), so rather than inflict that picture
on you this model shows the product being used much more appealingly.

husband had particularly bad acne in his teens; his back is badly scarred from
the experience, as he did not go to the doctor to get help in time. I know he feels conscious of it especially
if we go swimming (and would prefer to keep a t-shirt on). I think he would have really benefited from
the acne light treatment. Even now
years on it could well reduce the scars so we will be testing it out on him in
the months to come.

the device did not hurt, the light was very bright however I did wear the
safety goggles and did my best not to look directly into the pinkish glow. It is not an instant solution to your acne
woes but a steady process over a longer period (within four weeks you should
see a real difference). If you make it
part of your daily routine you will see results, but you have to dedicate that
small amount of time each day to follow through with the treatment.

big pro about the Lumie Clear is that it has a automatic timer that switches it
off after 15 minutes so you can easily keep check regarding how long you have
been using the product. If it works for
you, it would also mean you do not need to rely on medication to treat your
acne, which can only be a good thing.

you would like to enter to win your own Lumie Clear please fill out the form
below by the 5th of October.

Win Lumie Clear (RRP Β£149.99)

286 thoughts on “Lumie Clear Review & Giveaway

  1. I don't suffer from acne myself but my son does have acne on his back which he is embarrassed about like your husband. I would love to win this for him to try and hope it would improve his skin.

  2. I have terrible skin and have been desperately wanting and trying to save for one. I love the tomer feature so you know your using within safe boundaries. Alltogether and amazing product.

  3. This looks brilliant. I'd love to win it for my daughter. She's suffered with bad skin since she was a young teenager. She's now nearly 30 and still suffers

  4. Do you feel the product works? I have suffered for years – particularly on my body (I use bare minerals on my face and it helps massively) the only time It improved for me was when I cut out ALL forms of sugar from my diet pre pregnancy but it's not something I can keep up – particularly as I'm still breastfeeding! Having a few flare ups and issues at the moment for no apparent reason and would prefer not to go down the medication route again! X

  5. My son who is now aged 35 has really greasy acne prone skin even now. And it looks as though his daughter now aged 12 is starting to have the same issues. I would love to win this product for them both to use. Would prefer my grandaughter to be using this than lots of horrid chemicals.

  6. I would really like this! I still get bad skin at the time of the month and I'm in my 30s. I really thought they would be gone a long time ago. It would save me a fortune on concealer! πŸ™‚

  7. Looks brilliant, would love to try it. I'm 36 now, never had acne when I was younger but just started to suffer with it about a yr ago and get some horrible outbreaks, tried lots of stuff to improve it but not much luck, i'd love to give this a try πŸ™‚

  8. I always presumed my acne would clear up once I wasn't a teenager anymore, but here I am in my early 50's & still getting spots – maybe it's my youthful skin or the fact I always say I'm 21 lol

  9. I never suffered from acne or spots until I hit my 20s and since then it's been so bad that I now get anxiety about leaving the house. I always cover up my spots which isn't a good thing but on the odd occasion I have gone out without make up my whole day is ruined with overthinking and panicking that people are looking at my spots. It almost ruins your day, I have tried different remedies, creams etc and would love to try this x

  10. This sounds amazing and I think it would be quite relaxing too. I never had teenage acne but even now I'm 52 I can still get some horrible spots and roseacea.

  11. i would love to get the chance to try my partner has troublesome skin and affects their confidence and would love to see them smile again!!!

  12. Sounds great for my niece – but I'd have to pass it on through her mum so I'm not seen as calling her spotty!!

  13. After years of creams, salves, courses of antibiotics, face washes and other potions my skin is no better than it was to start with. I've heard nothing but good things about this and would love to give it a go

  14. I have wondered about a product like this for a while now, as I have combination skin and after 3 children my skin is not the best. I have never found a cleansing solution that works for me, so would love to give this a go.

  15. Looks like a great product, simple and easy to use for the whole family and non evasive or messy so that's a real bonus. I think most of us suffer from the odd breakout every now and again so this would come in very handy. x

  16. I'd love this for my son who is suffering at the moment. We have had cream from the Doctors but they only seem to work for a short period before he has to change to a new one. This would be a great help I feel.

  17. This looks absolutely brilliant. I would really love my teenage daughter to try this too as she is currently trying everything and anything to help with her skin.

  18. i have lots of scars from surgery and would love to have the opportunity to own this great product. My daughter also has a scar she is paranoid about from when she was savaged by a dog at 2. Thank you for this great blog. I wasn't aware the product existed.

  19. This would be sucha lovely treat for someone! Have wanted to try a Lumie but funds never seem to stretch that far! Lol, Count me in please, good luck ladies x

  20. I had a very cheap acne light treatment device once and it was very surprising that it worked so well. This one looks far superior in quality and would be perfect for my adult spots!

  21. This looks fantastic, I suffer from really sensitive skin so using products can sometimes irritate my skin even worse. Would love to try this out

  22. Ive suffered with acne for the past 9 years, it has robbed me of my confidence and wearing the clothes I want, and although i've tried all sorts of lotions, potions and acne treatments, very few have worked! If they have, its been at a cost and brought only a worse side affect. I went through a stage of going on regular trips to the coast bottling up salt water and using it on my skin. However I do realise how lucky I am as mine effects mainly my back and chest areas which I can hide I would love to try the Lumie Clear although i know this wont do much for the existing scarring! I would have acne for the rest of my life if it meant my children didn't have to have it! x

  23. In my 30s and still have breakouts. Have scars to prove it — this would prevent any more and help build my confidence!

  24. im 28 and very badly scarred from acne. i still suffer very bad with it. i usually plaster make up on my face when im going out coz i am so embarrassed. When its really bad i even put make up on in the house just so my OH doesn't have to look at it πŸ™

  25. This sounds a fabulous product! I would love to try this for my daughter. She has suffered extremely severely from horrendous acne on her face, chest, all over her back and arms. She has even been under a consultant at the hospital and was placed on extremely strong medication, but even that hasn't been successful. It has totally destroyed her self-confidence and I would love to see if this product could help her.

  26. This is a wonderful prize, I still suffer with acne on my back and I'm so conscious of it I never wear strapped or sleeveless tops and as for swimming I get changed so quick and I'm in the pool litke a rocket, it's soul destroying and all the creams and lotions in the World never seem to work

  27. I would love to win this for my daughter who still suffers from breakouts. Lumie make great lighting products. I have the Lumie Arabica "SAD" lamp and highly recommend it if you suffer from winter blues.

  28. A perfect little prize for my teenage son.The reviews look amazing.It would be so great to try this fab gadget

  29. As a 34 year old adult acne sufferer this would be amazing, im currently using duac whilst i wait for my derm appointment to be put on accutane(not looking forward to that)this seems so much kinder and could be the step to getting rid of the heavy foundation.

  30. I have 3 older teenagers who cost me a fortune in face scrubs and tbh they don't really work, only thing that helps is sunlight! So this would be perfect for a safe way to help them. I don't want them to use antibiotics or roaccutane because of the risks.

  31. I have 3 older teenagers who cost me a fortune in face scrubs and tbh they don't really work, only thing that helps is sunlight! So this would be perfect for a safe way to help them. I don't want them to use antibiotics or roaccutane because of the risks.

  32. Im almost 42 and I still have acne it really gets me down. The only time it seems to clear up is if Im ever able to have a week in the sun abroad. I've never heard of this product but will seriously consider buying one if Im not the lucky winner.

  33. This would be great for my Daughter who at the age of 30 still suffers with acne. She gets quite low because of this.

  34. Ive seen these advertised and was wary at first … (bit too good to be true?) but now I know (I have seen) the results … amazing! xx

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