My Loungewear Essentials

Now the summer holidays are out the way its full steam to
nights drawing in, the heating going on and cosy evenings at home. My shorts will have to be packed away and I
will have to start thinking about autumn fashion instead – nothing too fancy
mind, just loungewear to relax at home if I get my way. Jeans aren’t flexible enough on my hips
anymore, I wear them grudgingly out of the house but at home I would rather
something more comfortable – think sweaters and stretchy pants, even better if
they are over-sized so you’re especially warm and snug.

I was looking on Shop
for inspiration and these are my favourite pieces.

Essentials Tennis Club Pant White

I tend to shy away from light colours usually as I am an all
in one type of girl when it comes to loading the washing machine, I would be
willing to make an exception for this though as it would be lovely to lounge
around in! Yet if the postman came to
the door I would still look relatively stylish! It would certainly beat my orange onesie that makes me look like
an extra from Orange is the New Black (not a good look – I am not quite sure what the neighbours make of me!).

Tennis Club Pant After Midnight Blue

Second thoughts I would probably settle for this colour instead. The banded waist is a real plus! It can have a good fit with the drawstring
too if you want to accentuate your best features. 
Seriously why haven’t I added tennis pants to my wardrobe earlier? I am so sick of jeans, but it was the familiar option that I was so used to buying. Fashion wise I do find change a hard thing to stomach.

Wasn’t Me Sweatshirt

because I absolutely love the slogan – can I blame it on the wine?!? My boys always have an excuse for EVERYTHING
surely it’s my turn to do the same!

Just Keep Pouring Sweater Ariel Red

Another great slogan but the colour might be a bit too
bright for me! If they toned it down I
would want!!! Although a vivid colour
might be appreciated when its cold and miserable outside, so I could be swayed and it might earn me a bigger glass of wine! Here’s hoping.

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