Our Master Bedroom: A long way from beautiful

When our master
bedroom is finally ready (at the moment it has no ceiling so we have a way to
go yet!!!) I plan on getting fitted wardrobes
just to stop my bad habit of storing all kinds on top of wardrobes. They soon make the room look very cluttered
and messy, our new room will mean a fresh start for me learning to keep
everything in its place. It’s more
relaxing unwinding in a bedroom that isn’t quite so busy with belongings. At the moment I don’t sleep particularly
well and I put it down to the state of our temporary bedroom!

want my bedroom to be tidy and clutter free so adequate storage is very
important. I don’t just want hanging
space I want shelves and drawers so everything can be organised out of
sight. i-Wardrobes have a comprehensive choice
so I should find something suitable tailored to my needs.

If you have an awkward
shaped room a fitted wardrobe could provide the storage solution you need. A freestanding wardrobe would not cope with
a slopping ceiling. I really cannot
wait to get cracking with the room again; the chimney has been fixed now (the
builder finally returned!) so the leak should stop (we are waiting to test out
his work with a proper storm!), the plasterboards can go up and the shell of a
room can start to take shape.

It’s already cost us a
fair bit; we had two rooms knocked into one. 
We had to pay a structural engineer to work out the load for the
supporting beam. The room is full of ladders, paint, plasterboards and general chaos! I tend to keep the door closed on it as much as possible.

I am looking
forward to actually working on making the room look beautiful rather than having to do structural work all the time… that’s why I write these posts picking out the
pieces of furniture I eventually want to buy to keep me motivated and upbeat about what we are working towards.

love the corner wardrobe that would work well as we could bring it along the
wall of the en-suite bathroom then curved round on to the main wall of the
bedroom. Although I am not sure I would
go with this colour theme. Then I would
have a sofa overlooking the view and a big bed! Our room would be complete.

I would also not have a chest of drawers as I would want everything hidden behind the wardrobe doors so we can enjoy all the floor space we have created by knocking two rooms into one.

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