Reading Eggs Learn to Read #Competition

I have teamed up with Reading
Eggs to share the news of their latest fantastic offer. Timed with the return
of the new school year you can now get 5 weeks free if you go through to the
following Reading Eggs link. I promise you will notice an improvement in
your child’s reading, the programme is aimed for children 3-13 years old, so it
would be silly to let this opportunity pass you by if you have children in that
age range! Reading Eggs is used in
16,000 primary schools worldwide, so you see it’s not just me that’s singing
its praises; those schools obviously see the merits too. Even if your child can read following the
carefully tailored lessons will help them become more fluent and increase their

With the boys back at school I
want to focus on their learning again, a little bit at home can do wonders for
their progression at school and the Reading Eggs concept is so colourful and
entertaining that children naturally love it and are eager to learn. We have been quite relaxed over the holidays
but I know we need to do a bit more now, reading and spelling nothing too
complex just those basic skills on which all knowledge can be built on!

Reading Eggs played a big role in
helping the boys learn to read, youngest especially was more of a challenge
because bless him he would get easily frustrated with his efforts, fortunately
Reading Eggs seemed fun to him so that made a huge difference. Now he happily reads and it’s wonderful to
see, it has increased his confidence and his sense of pride in his
achievement. At the weekend we saw him
stand up and read in front of a small group of children – he seemed so content
in himself, that he managed that! 
Spending time with your child helping them learn to read is invaluable.

It can seem quite daunting when
you first start out encouraging your child to read, but I found Reading Eggs
has been designed in such a way children want to progress (partly to see what
will pop out of the egg next!). It is
pitched perfectly to draw them in, with funny songs and amusing

I also have a 12 months subscription to Reading Eggs
to giveaway if you would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 30th
of September.

Win a 12 month subscription to Reading Eggs

39 thoughts on “Reading Eggs Learn to Read #Competition

  1. Yes! my son is a massive fan of reading eggs 🙂 … he's on his second year subscription … i'd love to win a subscription for his little sister, who has started school this time x

  2. I've used this with my little boy, who is 2.5. yes I'm probably a little ambitious, but he's very forward. We did the free trial and he got pretty good at the little games on the earlier levels, which are more about what letter words start with etc than fully reading. I would like to see how far I can get him with this It would be lovely for him to be able to read before school, I know I could and it really helps you to get on in school!

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