Renovating Grumbles

Our house usually gets a positive
reception when we show people round, not because it’s beautifully renovated but
because they see “the potential”. To be
honest I am sick of the potential I want the house to look great now! Budget’s being what budgets are I have to
make do with daydreaming for now.

Just when we feel we have a handle on our finances and can
commit to renovating the inside again something happens to the outside of the
house. It’s heartbreaking, now some of
the wooden fascia has fallen off! We
were lucky we weren’t outside when the timber board fell as it would have
probably knocked us clean out… (Always look on the bright side; no one was hurt
that’s what I should think!). The
husband did some research and they can last up to 20 years so that fits in with
the time scale that the previous owners did no upkeep to the property!!!

So you see living year-by-year
just sorting out what should have been done to upkeep the house can get a bit
disheartening, chimneys have been fixed and the front re-pointed because they were
so late in the day being done the inside needed significant structural work
done to remedy years of the bad weather getting in and causing damage.

The potential might wear thin if
the house still looks like this is ten years time because we have something to
tackle again and again. Our staircase
has no carpet; our bathroom is tired and sad, our master bedroom is still a
shell waiting to be made beautiful. I
am sure you will give me the luxury of thinking about what I would have if the
maintenance of the building were eventually sorted.

I spotted this gorgeous glass
wall on CBD Glass I don’t even know
where I would place it but I want it anyway! 
I guess I want people to come to our house and be amazed! Patience is a virtue but its wearing thin
now. I want to fill the house with nice
shiny things so instead I will share them with you guys.

The reflection on the pool is eye catching to say the least. Technically we do have room for a pool if we get rid of our small separate car park! Now that would be living the dream.

As its such a long project I am bored already of the rooms we have decorated, I get new idea’s all the time. I would love some grey walls now and move away from all the magnolia, yes forget potential I want IMPACT! Yes I know people in the know think we have sensible for buying the house we did, but in the meantime we have to live in the mess whilst we slowly (very slowly) get it in the condition it should have been in. Given it was previously a business you would have thought they had obligations to keep it well maintained, evidently not.

And yes before you ask my dining room still looks like this (sob!) – just imagine it with an impressive glass wall instead. We did get rid of the suspended ceiling (so baby steps!).

But I have a roof over my head (fingers crossed that plans on behaving itself for now!) and food in my tummy, so I should not grumble. The house will come…

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