Returning to School

Back to school is being viewed
with mixed feelings here, youngest is on a high – excited to see all his
friends and get stuck into another school year. I am not sure how long that will last, especially when he realises
he is starting a class that has proper work and not as much playtime! But I have high hopes he will enjoy the experience, his reading has certainly come on leaps and bounds over the holiday.

Whilst my nine year old on the other hand would
gladly do the summer holidays all over again, he is keen to see more of his
friends of course but he likes the freedom to spend his day without schedules
and homework. Although I am sure he
will settle in quickly once he is back into a proper routine, the initial adjustment
is always tricky especially with the summer holidays being such a long time away
from formal education.

To help them get set for school
tomorrow Ocean Finance
challenged me to find more interesting back to school supplies. It’s not difficult these days with sites
like Smiggle
– a haven for stationary lovers everywhere, shopping for colourful anf fun products has never been so easy. I feel
a little bit envious of all the choice they now have. I remember a highlight for me was picking out my own stationary
when my mum and I went to the closest city for a proper shop before the term
started, I had a Garfield folder I was quite fond of – the inside is all
scribbled with “Karen 4…” whoever my latest crush was!

So rather than the mundane it’s all about giant pencils,
scented colours and a LEGO case to hold everything! I want them to be excited with the contents of their new school

I want it to help them feel
happy, let’s me honest we have spent a huge chunk of the last seven weeks
together its going to be a shock to our systems being apart for long days
again. Anything I can do to help them
feel more positive and enthusiastic about school I try and do. You never know it might be the scented
pencils or the motivation of using the longest pencil (known to children!) that
inspires them to be creative.

Are your children excited to go back to school?

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