Santa Believes In Argos Promo Codes

Now the boys are back at school I start thinking about Christmas present shopping, don’t blame me if you think I am a bit premature the supermarkets started me off by putting mince pies and bumper tubs of chocolate by the checkout tempting me into the festive spirit!

Christmas is an expensive time, it’s my fault really as the boys have always done alright by Santa and now they expect him to continue being as generous! It’s hard to explain that our circumstances have changed because Santa can get whatever they want apparently; there are downsides to still having believers!

Although I do want to keep the Christmas magic alive for as long as possible so to get round this I shop as frugally as possible. Yes this Santa is a fan of Argos promo codes. I was talking to a friend who recently moved to Dubai and there they don’t question price they just want the best, whereas I am very much a discount, sale shopper who wants to use every promotional code and offer around! I never shop without seeing if there is a code that will make my order cheaper. I am not too proud to be a bit savvier with my shopping. I need to make our finances stretch as far as possible and the only way to do that is to make what we need to buy that bit cheaper.

The boys saw some toy adverts when they were at a sleepover at my parents; usually they have Netflix at home with no adverts so no pressure for mummy to buy shiny thingsā€¦ now the Christmas list has started in earnest and they practically want all the toys from Argos. So you see I REALLY need lots of Argos voucher codes to afford it all OR find a way to realign their high expectations. I shouldn’t grumble I have another year or two tops when they will still believe, after that I can say MUMMY AND DADDY have no money for all those things. Until then Santa will have to use vouchers. Sigh!

How do you cope with Christmas? Do you have a set budget or do you get a little bit carried away?

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