SnoozeShade Cot Competition

Parenting is not the easiest job in the world and you soon
realise the virtues of the daytime nap. 
But getting your child to sleep isn’t as straightforward as you think;
forget the term sleeping like a baby – its false advertising probably intended
to ensure the future survival of the human race and definitely did not apply to
either of mine!

used to spend longer trying to get them to nap than they actually napped for,
it could be quite frustrating especially on bright days when the sunshine
seemed determined to make my job even harder. 
I am sure it was making a mockery of me as it shined straight through
our thin curtains and magically revived my previously sleepy child! Meaning no warm cup of tea for me whilst I
spent a few minutes nosing on facebook – instead it would be back to trying to
coax my little one off to sleep or rather reluctantly giving up in my quest.

need to up the stakes if you want the welcome peace and quiet a nap affords
you; thankfully products are available from SnoozeShade to make the process of
getting your baby off to sleep much more manageable.

SnoozeShade Cot
(£64.99) is such a revolutionary product, forget black out blinds, have a
blackout cover for your baby’s cot instead! 
You can even adjust the amount of light (by rolling up the side panels)
when its time to slowly wake your child from a nap…

better to take the softly softly approach because if a baby is woken too
suddenly you can pretty much guarantee a full meltdown with tears and ample
drama! Let them think they woke up
naturally by bringing in the right amount of sunlight to gently coax them awake

It got to the point I used to dislike the summer months
just because it meant less naps and an earlier start. We tried black out blinds but by the time I had adjusted it to
the window the moment was lost. You
have to move quickly, your window of opportunity is small when it comes to
mastering the art of the nap. Babies
can go from sleepy to wide-awake in five seconds flat… so if you have the
SnoozeShade Cot cover in place ready your one step closer to be successful.

SnoozeShade Cot material is breathable so your little ones will still be
comfortable sleeping in their cot. The
panels reassuringly give you visibility to keep an eye on your precious baby sleeping. Yes I was that new mum that had to keep checking – fortunately
it’s so simple to do so with this clever design. If
you would like to win a SnoozeShade Cot (fits
all popular cots that take a 120cm long x 60cm wide mattress) then please fill
out the form below by the 22nd of October.

Win a SnoozeShade Cot

121 thoughts on “SnoozeShade Cot Competition

  1. would love to win it would be just the thing to keep here for the many grand children arriving this would be perfect for my little grand daughter when she satys over the weekends. fingers crossed for me but good luck to everybody.

  2. I often have my grandchildren to stay and one needs a night light whilst the baby needs it to be dark,as they share a room it can be very problematic,no more if I win this fabulous invention x

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