The Death Clock: Making Lifestyle Changes

It might sound a bit morbid but I thought I would give the
a try anyway, it was actually very revealing indeed going through the
questions it updates your expected life span! 
Initially I was up to 83 years and that slowly declined depending on my
given answers.

It has made me want to make some lifestyle changes; I will
certainly try and fit some regular exercise in. I do walk quite often but I think something more structured would
be good, I used to love swimming and my mum said I could join her when she
goes. I want to top up the years on the clock as much as I can!

Fortunately I don’t smoke so that saved 10 years compared
to someone who is a chain smoker – 10 years is a LONG time that you will be
glad off when you reach that age, if grandchildren are in the picture you will
want quality time creating memories with them, cherishing that time
together. I think quitting smoking is a
wise decision if you factor that in – mind you being a social smoker is only
two years off your life. So if you
can’t stop all together it’s definitely worthwhile cutting back as much as you
can as a step in the right direction.

Our weekly takeaway habit knocked
THREE years off my life – feeling the need to rein that right in now and eat more
salads instead. Another TWO years I lost for
being in a job which requires me sitting down a lot – maybe I should leap
around in between blog posts, fit in a few stretches, a quick jog then return
to my sitting position. I do try and
break the day up with some household chores so hopefully that will help, I
might write a post, then load the dishwasher and fill the washing machine,
vacuum round and tidy away – I guess their are some advantages to working from home I can not completely inactive.

I wasn’t sure how having a pet
would reflect on my lifespan, I thought it could go either way, I had heard
they are good for your blood pressure but at the same time I wondered if it
would be worse for your health with allergies and so fourth! But having our pet dog just topped me up a
good five years! I guess a pet is good
company, a reason to keep going and an excuse to have regular exercise.

Been for an epic 5 hour walk, expect everyone to sleep well tonight πŸ˜ƒ #walking #summerholidays #getoutside x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jul 23, 2016 at 12:27pm PDT

Watching a lot of television just
knocked six years off my life – I guess those that watch more TV might not move
around enough. I might dust off my bike
and start avoiding Netflix binge sessions. 
I love reading and board games so perhaps I could have a few no TV days
a week… I have just reacquainted myself with the library to read the adventures of Bob.

Loving reading the adventures of this charismatic cat #theworldaccordingtobob πŸ˜€ x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Sep 8, 2016 at 12:15pm PDT

Worrying about getting old is a
bad thing, if your more relaxed about ageing you actually live longer! I guess it’s down to stress levels and
perhaps the more optimistic among us don’t worry themselves to death (quite literally!).

The last question tickled me “does the rain effect
your mood?” I went with I’m used to it, its not too bad, I live in Wales, it
rains quite a lot after all. Fortunately that
middle ground only knocked two years off my life – if I hated it I would have
shaved five years off instead! So all I
can say is get singing in the rain and embrace it… if you want to live as long as possible. I am off to dig out my wellies for the next shower. I am going to jump in every puddle I see.

10 thoughts on “The Death Clock: Making Lifestyle Changes

  1. That is interesting I will have to have a look at this. I think you are right a positive outlook on life will help lengthen your life span. Let's keep smiling πŸ™‚

  2. You're a lot braver than me – there's no way I could do the quiz as I'd just obsess over it and end up truly depressed! It's great that you've taken it as a trigger to make positive changes though, I'm in awe of your mindset.

  3. Oh my goodness. I suffer the worst anxiety over death. Leaving my boys, how would they cope, what happens to me when I die? I've been seeing a doctor to try and calm myself down over it because I just can't cope when I start to think about it. I'm happy it's made you look at your lifestyle though.

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