Theraline Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow Giveaway

your pregnant it can be difficult to get comfortable, everything aches and
feels stretched and tender. Falling
asleep can be tricky, that’s when a maternity pillow can really save the day
giving you the support you need to get the rest you deserve. The tiny micro bead filling used by
Theraline helps give your legs, belly and back relief by automatically
adjusting to your shape.

is a versatile product that also helps with successful breastfeeding as you can
get into a position that works better for you and baby and even after that it
can be kept and used to get snug on the sofa for film nights for many years to
come. I could do with one for my back
these days its so sore – all part and parcel of getting older I am sure!

Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow
can be washed at 60°C so you can always keep it clean and hygienic. Being anti-allergenic it is also a healthier
option – ideal for your delicate and precious newborn. It’s no surprise that Theraline’s pregnancy and
baby feeding pillows are rated No.1 in Europe because of the superior filling
they use, they do not compromise on anything to make sure you get the quality
and reassurance you need. The end
result is cosy and warm.

If you want a smaller pillow when you are travelling
Theraline also have the Plushy Moon – a similar concept just in a more portal
size. You can find Theraline products on their own website, John
Lewis or Boots. They make a thoughtful
gift for mum’s to be, a good choice for baby showers so the mum can benefit
with using the product in late pregnancy and not just after the baby has

have the award winning Theraline Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow (RRP £44.95) to giveaway if you
would like to enter please fill out the form below by the 9th of
Win a Theraline Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow

111 thoughts on “Theraline Pregnancy & Feeding Pillow Giveaway

  1. Always wanted one of these when I was breast feeding and would love for my friend who's due any day to try it as it can be so uncomfortable otherwise . Especially when your tired .

  2. We are three weeks away from having our miracle baby unfortunately we have to have a planned csection this time.. This looks amazing and would help ease breastfeeding and sleeping after my op = thank you

  3. This would be absolutely perfect for my sister who is currently 5 months pregnant. She is finding it very difficult to sleep at night, and she cannot find the perfect position. She is always turning left and right, and has a lot of body pain and is not able to have a proper rest and sleep. My sister would really appreciate it a lot if I won this for her.

  4. Awesome prize, my daughter in law is pregnant with our first grandchild and I think she would love ❤️ this fabulous product!

  5. I would love to win one of these as the last few hot weeks trying to sleep has been impossible. One of these looks so cosy for me to snuggle up to until my christmas day baby comes 🙂

  6. I've been thinking of getting a pillow like this, I can hardly get comfy to sleep at night with my bump and have heard a few people recommend them – handy for breastfeeding too!

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