Wraps Wearable Headphones Competition

I occasionally wear headphones when I don’t want to disturb
the children. I tend to watch
supernatural shows after they go to bed, the last thing I want them to hear
just before they head off to the peaceful land of nod is a faint blood curdling
scream because Klaus is not behaving himself again! Often I end up searching high and low just to find my headphones
whilst losing valuable TV watching time in the process so I am very excited by
the concept of wearable headphones.

Wraps let you wear your
sound – its such a clever idea, very practical but also stylish too. They have developed the range of wristband
headphones to offer you extensive choice so they can become more of a fashionable

I love the rainbow wraps
(very retro!) and the natural wraps with wooden beads or faux leather for hubbie. Certain designs are limited edition so it’s
worth stocking up quickly if something catches your eye.

They have plenty of colours too, so you
could even co-ordinate with your outfits! 
Yes it seems they have thought of everything.

Wraps would make wonderful gifts especially for discerning
image conscious teens or for the older forgetful market (e.g. ME!) who never
quite know where they left their headphones! 
It also helps with the tangling problems as these wrap headphones are
made with anti-tangle fabric cables and naturally they stay in a better
condition on your wrist – if I ever put headphones in my handbag more often
than not they come out with a squashed sweet on them (the joys of being a

Convenient and attractive wraps are definitely the
future of headphones. I have teamed up
with Wraps to giveaway one pair in the winner’s choice in either Classic,
Natural or Talk to enter please kindly fill out the form below by the 2nd
of November.

Win a pair of Wraps wearable headphones

201 thoughts on “Wraps Wearable Headphones Competition

  1. my daughter would love these, she wears bands on her wrists , some are friendship bracelets, she has two entrance bandsfrom festivals ! and to be able to wear her headphones too she would love it !!

  2. these are such a good idea i probably spend about an hour a day untangling my kids ear phones would be fab to wrap them around their arm!

  3. Great idea to wear the headphones instead of letting them get tangled up in the bottom of a handbag!! (Guilty of that haha) xx

  4. I love this design, such a brilliant idea for headphones that wrap around your wrist! My lad really wants a pair of these, perfect as they'll never get lost when he's out & about

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