YogaBellies Baby Wrap Competition

You might recognise YogaBellies
from an episode of Dragon’s Den, I watched
it recently and am very excited to have the chance to work with them. I loved their enthusiasm and dedication to
help new mums.

am pleased to team up with them to giveaway a YogaBellies stretchy baby wrap slings. Keeping your baby close to you really helps
build your incredible bond, your child get a lot of reassurance being held and
hearing your heartbeat and feeling your warmth. That comfort will keep them settled and content, meaning less
tears and upset all round. It’s a big
frightening world when they first arrive out of the security of the womb; so
using a wrap sling can help your baby feel safe and secure.

Plus you will soon appreciate the
convenience of having your hands free to get on with other tasks around the
house! Without a wrap life with a
newborn can quite difficult at times. 
You never seem to get anything done, this way baby is happy and you’re
still able to get on with what needs to be done. This is especially important if you already have another child
that needs your time and attention too and of course for your own sanity when
you need to calm down a fussy baby and have a few minutes peace and quiet! The wrap itself can be folded down to
hardly any size at all so ideal to bring with you on your travels. Transporting a pram can be quite cumbersome
in comparison.

There are lots of different wraps
available to buy so its important to do your research and pick one that is
non-toxic and made from quality materials – fortunately YogaBellies pride
themselves in making organic baby wrap slings from 100% cotton manufactured in
the UK. The wrap sling has passed
stringent tests to ensure it has no harmful substances so just the thing for carrying
your precious bundles of joy!

With your YogaBellies Baby Wrap purchase
you also receive an illustrated instructional
booklet, video download and a free Post-Natal E-Book by YogaBellies® founder,
Cheryl MacDonald. I always worried I
would not get the hang of a wrap sling like this but the instruction booklet is
very clear and easy to follow so you soon gain confidence. You also get a matching hat, which I think
is a thoughtful little extra.

To enter the competition for the YogaBellies Baby Wrap please fill out
the form below by the 16th of October.
Win a YogaBellies Baby Wrap

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  1. With a new baby on its way for Christmas day one of these sounds perfect for it to keep up with its older brother and sister on the new year school run.

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