aden + anais Serenity Star Giveaway

I love this versatile and
attractive product from aden + anais, the Serenity
Star (£64.99) is a must buy purchase for every nursery. It helps reassure new mums that the
temperature is as it should be – if its too cold you can provide a thicker
sleeping bag or dream blanket (they have a lovely range at aden + anais) to
keep your precious bundles warm and cosy.
Likewise if you think they could be getting too warm you can get rid of
some layers or use a thinner sleeping bag.



Having a means to reliably check
the room temperature is invaluable with babies, as they cannot regulate their
own temperature they rely on you to help.
So its very sensible to keep a regular check with this clever aden +
anais product – especially given that babies can lose heat almost 4 times
faster than adults.


Apart from acting as a room temperature indicator the
Serenity Star provides a whole host of other useful features – feeding
diary, sound machine with four soothing sounds, night-light and clock. So you see £64.99 suddenly seems a much more
affordable price to pay when you consider you do not need separate products
anymore, you can just buy the Serenity Star and have a sophisticated electronic
system that does it all! aden + anais
are very big on making life as a parent that bit easier and less
overwhelming! The founder has four
daughters so can draw on her own experiences with children to tailor the aden +
anais products perfectly to the needs of new parents.



The feeding diary is ideal for sleep-deprived mum’s that
cannot remember when exactly they fed the baby last! You even make use of the ‘breast last fed from’ function so you can make sure baby gets all
the foremilk and hindmilk.


star design is very stylish and modern.
You can either use batteries or plug it in I like having the
option. If
you would like to win the Serenity Star please fill out the form below by the 7th
of November.

Win a aden + anais Serenity Star (£64.99)

175 thoughts on “aden + anais Serenity Star Giveaway

  1. Lovely and practical prize. In need of clock, and keen to be able to keep room at safe and comfortable temperature.

    Rachel Craig

  2. This is a great idea and I would love to win it for my toddler. Obviously I won't need to use all of the functions, but the thermometer and night light will still be very useful, as will the clock!

  3. I am pregnant with my first baby it was very unepexcted and I am inexpericned.. young and scared! I also found out late and I'm due soon this would be sooooooooo great to win! thankyou for the chance x

  4. My daughter Poppy has various health problems, so I like to closely monitor her. This would be perfect to keep an eye on her body temperature, especially though the winter when it is hard to get that right balance. x

  5. I have little twin babies and this would be fantastic so i can keep track of feeding times. the soothings musics sounds brilliant as its not easy getting both of them to sleep. this would be very useful. Thank you. PS never knew aden + anais did these as well.

  6. This would be invaluable to me from next month when my little boy is due to be born! I love that it isn't just a room temperature indicator, but has the wonderful other functions too! The feeding diary and soothing sounds as well as the night-light and clock will all be so helpful when I'm feeding in the night!! Amazing giveaway! Would love to win – it would be seriously handy!!

  7. I love the breast last fed idea. I personally would love this with my first I had a note pad and tried to write down times and which boob. So this would be so handy and with all the other functions and looking after his/her older sister give me peace of mine. This would be genius!

  8. This is such a fabulous idea! Feed times can become jumbled in your mind for the first couple of weeks, as time passes in a blur of sleeplessness and absolute joy! I would love one for the little bundle we are expecting next year!

  9. I would love to win this for my daughter Sofia who's 6 weeks old, sounds very handy loads of products all in one 🙂 the feeding diary sounds fab, I am one sleepy mum I've tried writing it down but I forget to do that as well lol xx Also the temperature checker is great i'm forever worrying its to hot or too cold and I don't think the cardboard ones are very reliable great giveaway 🙂 x

  10. I would love this for my little baby grandson, he does not sleep very well so I think this may be a good idea to keep his bedroom serene with the correct temperature. Its so difficult to regulate his room in this bitterly cold weather.

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