Boys Winter Fashion

As I draw in my dressing gown tighter to keep out the chill
in the house, I realise its time to get the boys winter wardrobe sorted.  Youngest is a bit like me he really does
feel the cold, he can get quite miserable especially if he is outdoors for any
length of time.  You need to think about
what fabrics are best to buy too for this time of year; wool is great as it
traps heat whereas cotton is not as insulating.  I still like to encourage my boys to be outdoors whatever the
weather so it’s important I get their wardrobes right.  It’s worth spending a bit more to ensure the
quality of the fabrics, if you go synthetic and cheap you might not feel so
warm throughout winter.
I need to dig out their vests, order them new cosy winter
coats and hats to keep the heat in.  I
like to make sure they don’t get cold at school so send them in with lots of
layers and the all important gloves. 
Every year we seem to lose a pair though, the missing gloves must have
met the missing socks of the family and run off together!
I really love these knit mittens (£27.50) from Petit Bateau great pattern and look
very warm for winter.  I can’t bare it
when I get cold hands and as the temperature drops I want the boys to be snug
and comfortable.  I always feel better
knowing they have gloves and hats just in case they need them.
The boy’s striped knit hat (£29) looks the part
with the sailor stripes and little sailboat emblem.  The warm wool blend is extra soft and protects against the
elements.  Even though the jury is out
about whether we lose most of our heat through our heads, its still worth
keeping this part of our bodies covered. 
For the all-important coat, I would say the Boys’
Quilted Lined Anorak (£115) looks good; it can handle everything winter throws
at you!  The inside fleece adds an
insulating layer and the reinforced matte nylon outside is
perfect for keeping off the wind chill and rain.  It might sound expensive but this is a luxurious coat that will
help your child continue with their outdoor adventures in high spirits.

Then don’t forget to get some new jumpers or jackets
to complete their outfits.  Petit Bateau
have plenty that look very stylish and on trend this season.  This Jacquard Jacket (from £49) is one of my favourites.

Hopefully you have some inspiration now, happy shopping!

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