Decided to make the switch?

It’s getting colder now, autumn is officially here and
with it a distinct drop in temperature, already the nights are drawing in and I
am layering up and drinking lots of hot drinks! Yes I am that person that ALWAYS feels cold now.


Our heating has been on and it’s got me thinking about our
old oil boiler again and how ineffective it is. The cost of keeping us warm in the colder months from now through
to March is a real concern, especially in a house like ours which is not well
insulated to keep the heat inside (yes we will one day return those two
ceilings back to their rooms, when we can save enough money!).


have talked about some of the benefits of changing to LPG but what is involved
when you decide to make the switch. The
infographic below details what you need to know if you wanted to switch
LPG supplier



I like that you can choose an
underground tank I get fed up of the rain tap tap tapping when it drops on to
the top of our above the ground tank, plus the unsightly item can then be
hidden from view! Or you could go for a
compact cylinder so at least it’s not taking up quite so much space. I have never had the luxury of choice so far
as our oil tank was already here when we bought the house, so far no attempt
has been made to make it look anymore attractive, it just stands there
dominating one side of the house!


Once everything is
installed your ready for your first delivery.
Again it’s the automatic top up technology I love! We tend to only realise our oil has run out
when the most dreadful smell starts emitting from our aged boiler, its probably
not doing it any good either. It’s
awful trying to re-start it again; hubbie has to work his magic priming the
system and I stand next to him praying it will work again! One day in the not too distant future it will probably give up the ghost – so I need to be aware of what alternatives are available and so far LPG sounds very promising.

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