Enrich your child’s life with travel

I definitely want 2017 to involve more travel, we have not
explored very much of the world with the boys. 
We tend to stick with a set formula, visiting the same attractions and
with the comfort of being close to home. 
But I think its time to see more of what is on offer out there. The boys have only ventured away from the UK
two times and I really want them to travel more widely. They can try different foods and see what
more of the world has to offer.

I really think travel enriches
our lives, opening our eyes to different cultures and ways of life. If we never see what is out there, our view
of the world is very narrow indeed! I
don’t want to restrict the boys life experiences and stick to a comfort zone
all my life. Being well travelled adds
another string to your bow; you have more to talk about as you navigate through
your life. It can be hard leaving
behind the familiar, hubbie especially is always very reluctant to try anything
new but with a little encouragement and the right type of holiday package I am
sure he could be convinced.

Even I would not want to go solo
(or as our small family group) to certain countries, I would prefer to have an
experienced tour guide, as we are unfamiliar with the customs in some
countries. I was looking at Encounters
; it looks a sensible way to see more of the world, especially as
they have itineraries designed just for families so you can create
unforgettable memories together. Time
as a family is so precious, it’s worth booking an escape away every year –
forgetting the pressures of work and focusing on the here and now.

The company want you to get the
best out of each country but with the peace of mind of being part of a bigger
group often with the security of having a guide who knows the area. But having visited a country you thought you
might never have the opportunity you do feel more confident.

Fully guided tours mean you can
also learn so much more on your travels, they have all the knowledge and
information about the sites you are visiting. 
It can be very educational. I
would love to visit Egypt and see the Pyramids and ride a camel, I do feel less
nervous about booking such a trip after reading more about Encounters Travel.

I like that the boys would also be able to
make friends with the other children on the same trip and that the tour guide
is child friendly so the information won’t be too in-depth and complicate for

I better start saving, 2017 is
going to be very exciting indeed.

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