Introducing the Litelok Bike Lock #competition

My brother in law is a huge bike enthusiast; he has the
strongest leg muscles I have ever seen! 
When you take biking seriously and he really does then you naturally get
quite attached to your bike, for one it costs a fair bit because you have done
your research and splashed the cash on the one that ticks all the right
boxes. Then you have all those shared
memories of the bike trails you have conquered, you even have all the Lycra
cycling gear (to match the colour of your bike!), you get the importance of
being kitted out properly and don’t settle for anything less.

your bike being an expensive piece of kit it’s important to protect it, if your
stopping for a well earnt rest (or cheeky pint!) you need to secure your bike
appropriately. But not any old lock
will do the job; you need something that offers the right level of
security. So let me introduce you to
the Litelok designed by a former
aeronautical engineer (Professor Neil Barron). 
Available in three colours: Crow Black, Herringbone and Boa Green.

attractive lock is made from a revolutionary material, meaning its secure AND
flexible because of this its more versatile, allowing you to lock your bike on
to pretty much anything that would not be possible with more rigid locks. The ingenuity of the product justifies the
price, £85 might sound steep but not when you consider how much your bike cost
in the first place, especially if you went top of the range. If you’re a serious cyclist you need a lock
that communicates your passion, this is lightweight, ultra-strong and so much
more convenient than others on the market. The strength of the Boaflexicore®
material means that it can withstand sustained attack to the
highest level (over 5 minutes) from tools like cable cutters, bolt croppers and
hacksaws, a thief would give
up because the Litelok presents too much of a challenge.

The Litelok has been endorsed by Solid Secure a industry and police acknowledged authority on lock security and gave it their highest rating.

According to some
rather sad statistics one bike is stolen every minute, so to stop you joining
that figure do think carefully about how you lock up your bike. I have one Litelok to giveaway so if you
would like to enter this rather fabulous competition please do so by the 17th
of November, registering your interest on the form below.

Win a Litelok bike lock (worth £85)

184 thoughts on “Introducing the Litelok Bike Lock #competition

  1. husband had his bike stolen from the local railway centre even though it was locked. I have heard of the gold standard, and this lock looks the business. Fingers crossed for keeping my bike safe

  2. So many bikes get stolen, I could hardly believe the statistics, 1 bike per second! Having a Litelok bike lock would make me feel more secure about leaving my bike anywhere.

  3. There is something similar on kick-started – here's hoping that this kind of soft lightweight bands become the 'thing' for defeating the scourge of the bolt cutters.

  4. Yeah you're right…you do get sentimentally attached to your bike and it's really upsetting to have it stolen. This does sound like a great product especially as you can camoflage it by blending it in with the colour of your ride. x

  5. I would actually use this for my walker or wheelchair when on the train as then people can't decide to move it out the way which then causes me problems with trying to get hold of it & I worry that they will get stolen on the train when I can not see them as I've had that happen in the past.

  6. Having a strong lock such as this would mean I can use my bike to run errands. My daughter left her locked bike outside Boots, and came out to find someone had prised open the D-lock & stolen her bike, in broad daylight, with loads of shoppers around.

  7. I work in a hospital and bikes go missing every week, I lost mine last year. Police said bikes are the easiest thing to pinch. how does this lock stand up to bolt cutters?

  8. My daughter is preparing for secondary school next year and has been taking her bike out and about as she will be cycling to school. This lock looks practical and not too heavy and she would be able to use it to secure her bike to most things

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