Introducing my boys to Puffin audiobooks

Penguin kindly sent us three Puffin audiobooks
to transport the boys on some magical adventures. I really do not know why I have not invested in audiobooks
sooner, they would have made our long car journeys that much more bearable.

Really pleased with these audiobooks #diaryofawimpykid #roalddahl #theborrowers – going to make long car journeys more palatable 😀 filling the car with laughter not sibling grumbles! x

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We travel fairly regularly with
my blog to various events across the country, some over quite a distance. Usually my husband and I are at our wits end
because the boys are squabbling so much. 
Cooped up in a car for any length of time is a recipe for disaster, they
get bored and bad-tempered. There are
only so many times you can play guess the colour of the next car or eye spy
before losing the will to continue with the journey. Heaven help us if one brother happens to look out of the others
window… (A battle of epic proportions might just about sum it up!).

So make your life easier and pick
up a few audiobook titles you know your children already love. Now with audiobooks to entertain them I am
looking forward to the boys settling in with a story they appreciate and being
thoroughly entertained for a good few hours. 
I want their childhood to be filled with positive memories and having a
more relaxed and calm car journey will be much better for everyone! One filled with giggles of laughter rather
than complaints about each other’s behaviour.

In the meantime we have been
enjoying the audiobooks at home, we have been very impressed with the pace of
the books, at a speed children can absorb all the information and easily follow
the storyline. Dan Russell on the Diary
of a Wimpy Kid Old School had a lovely clear voice.

Eldest was quite happy tucked up in our bed listening to the story on daddy’s laptop. It seemed to chill him out. He is already familiar with the story but liked having it in audiobook format instead.

The Roald Dahl Reads are a real
treat as they are read by Roald Dahl himself, my eldest has lots of his books
and is a big fan, so its special being able to listen to the stories as told by
the main man himself. Truly
splendiferous! You have five stories to
enjoy lasting 3 hours and 40 minutes.

The Borrowers read by Samantha
Bond had a voice that completely draws you in, it’s important the narrator is
well matched for the story they are reading. 
The Borrowers is a really charming story and a classic well worth
introducing your children too.

If you are struggling to get your
children to take an interest in reading, an audiobook can be quite relaxing
before bedtime and might encourage them to read the written book itself at some
point. They can also serve as a welcome
break for an overtired mum or dad, who just doesn’t have any energy left for
the bedtime story. Yes that’s okay,
don’t be hard on yourself just pop on an audiobook and go put the kettle
on. Take a breather you have earnt
it. No need to feel guilty either
audiobooks really help with vocabulary and comprehension.

If you wanted more
recommendations do read the article over on Mumsnet featuring a selection of
the best
audiobook titles available for children
and audio samples so you can see
which would interest your child the most.

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  1. We have some audio books and I just realised we don't own a CD player anymore!!!! That's so irritating! I think I need to look into a digital service x

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