Preparing the house for winter

I hadn’t thought about shopping at Esprit for home items before. I have browsed through their lovely clothes lots of times in the past; I am a HUGE fan of the affordable prices. But lately I am less concerned about the state of my wardrobe and more worried about making the house cosy and warm for winter. I need to start making the all-important purchases to get it ready for the distinct drop in temperature – we spend a fair bit of time indoors between now and March so I want the house as inviting as possible.

I am thinking lots of blankets to snuggle under; we have a very cold stone house so layering up is kind of essential. I love the fringed woven throw (£49), great pattern and looks like it would be very soft. Fortunately there is plenty of choice as the boys would want their own too! Let’s be honest they haven’t mastered sharing nicely yet…

I would want to cover the sofa in lots of cushions, because our living room could do with a more welcoming look. It’s currently a bit bare as it’s a spacious room and we haven’t got a huge amount of accessories or furniture. I think I would pick out the parrot motif (£18) design just because it looks tropical and you can think of warmer times and holidays overseas.

The penguin print was cute but it would have the reverse effect, looking at the snow scene and an animal that lives in such a cold place would make me shiver.

Candles dotted around add a bit of extra heat and a warm glow to our living room. I like watching the flickering light it all helps improve the ambience of the room. The 3 piece metal candlestick set is very simple but looks great.

A couple of our rooms don’t have anything on the window yet, closing curtains can play a small part of retaining the heat in the room as they help insulate. Esprit have some cute curtains for children, is it wrong I still want the e-forest design – the design suits the time of year with the foxes and the colour of the leaves on the trees saying Autumn is here.

With a few well thought out purchases our house will be more homely and we will be all set for winter.

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