Preparing your Interiors for Winter

from a rare exception today it has been getting much colder here. So cold I persuaded hubbie to get us a top
up gas bottle for our heater in the living room! I love certain aspects of winter; I like to get cosy and
comfortable whilst it looks chilly outside, it feels like a legitimate excuse
to stay tucked in bed watching Netflix when the weather is so dreadful! But if you don’t get your interiors right,
it can be a bit depressing being stuck indoors so long over winter.

Our house could do with being more inviting, some parts are quite cold, we have laminate flooring and don’t yet own a rug in the living room, our walls are all magnolia and I think we could probably do with a warmer richer colour. If I had my way I would definitely redecorate in tones of grey like in the picture below, but with so much of the house needing finishing we can’t return to the rooms we have done already (more’s the pity!). I would not have so much white though as I think it is more clinical and not as warm, so I would just pinch the sofa idea and the back wall!

not all doom and gloom if you make the inside of your house more welcoming but
getting your house ready for winter need not be expensive. Chris Reilly from My Voucher Codes
wrote an informative article about money
saving tips for winter interior trends

Well worth a read if your looking for inspiration without breaking the

would prefer to look for ways to refresh what we own already perhaps with the
addition of colourful cushions or the suggestion from the article of using
furniture paint. We make the last
payment on our sofa next month but to be honest I got bored of it long before
then. I want a very neutral sofa next
time that I can jazz up regularly with bright cushions (which I can easily
change with my mood!). At the moment
its hard finding anything to co-ordinate with half of the scatter cushions
being some kind of animal type print! 
Although rather than invest in a whole new sofa payment plan (yes I wish
I had the money to pay up front but I don’t!) I wonder if I can look into reupholstery
to give the sofa a new lease of life.

also like using a lamp to help create
a more subdued light
; it seems more appealing somehow and less cold.

Love my new lamp for #review makes the living room cosy x A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Oct 5, 2015 at 12:41pm PDT

We also pile blankets on the back of the sofa so you can quickly layer up, the last thing I want is for visitors to feel the cold. Winters in our house can be quite difficult but each year we get closer to getting the interior vision we want.

Do you change your interiors for winter?

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