Protecting your Dog from Ticks: Bob Martin Giveaway

have teamed up with Bob Martin to
giveaway a bundle to help keep your beloved dog tick free. Now is the time to make sure you have
protection against ticks in place, autumn is the height of the season for these
nasty little blood-sucking critters. 
The sight of a tick really turns my stomach but its something you need
to be aware of as a pet owner so you can keep both your pet and your family
safe from harm.

Happy dog days #dogsoninstagram 😀 x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Sep 27, 2016 at 2:40pm PDT

Ticks can rather
worryingly carry Lyme disease a bacterial infection spread by those that are
infected. If left undetected it can
lead to quite serious health issues – as someone who found a tick on my back
once that does worry me slightly! I
don’t even know how it got there, I took one off our previous dog and it must
have made itself back onto me!!! Hence
it’s quite important to brush your dog down outside the house…

the NHS site says you would see a circular rash and I didn’t have one of those
(breathe a sigh of relief!), if you are worried though you can go to your GP
for a test and Lyme disease can be treated quite successfully with antibiotics. But prevention is always better than cure so
having a good system in place to deal with them is very sensible.

will still be extra vigilant from now on, following the advice suggested by Bob
Martin. Summer our dog likes nothing
more than running around in areas of dense vegetation and tall grasses so I
know she is more likely to pick them up. 
I have removed a few; it’s not the most pleasant of tasks so I will be
using the Bob Martin tick remover to do it quickly and safely from now on (without
further risk of transmitting disease). Eeeek they really do make me feel ill, so here is a nice picture of Summer so your not visualizing horrid ticks.

You have heard the expression like butter wouldnt melt, well my innocent looking pooch just pinched and snaffled a pack of butter! #doglife #dogsofinstagram x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jul 16, 2016 at 7:32am PDT

Top tips for protecting your pet from ticks

Use Bob Martin spot on regularly to
repel ticks, particularly in tick season (throughout summer and autumn). Follow
reapplication guidance. 

When going out for a walk, keep Bob
Martin Flea and Tick spray in the car and give your dog a quick spray before

When walking, stick to footpaths as
much as possible, avoid long grass and be aware in wooded areas. 

After the walk, give your dog a good
brush before getting into the car so any loose ticks are knocked off. Focus on the
underbelly, around ears and jaw. 

If you do spot a tick on your dog, use Bob Martin’s
tick remover as quickly as possible to remove it safely. 

If you would like to enter the giveaway for the win a walking bundle (worth £77) to help protect and
treat their pets and family this autumn please fill in the form below by the 19th
of November. The pack includes a selection of Bob Martin tick products, a
pair of wellies, a walking kit and a Fluff & Spruce Slicka Brush for those
important tick checks.

Win a selection of Bob Martin tick products, a pair of wellies, a walking kit and a Fluff & Spruce Slicka Brush

157 thoughts on “Protecting your Dog from Ticks: Bob Martin Giveaway

  1. Weve never had a tick (touch wood) yet, but i cringe at the thought of them…. ewww. I'm suite surprised really because our dog loves long grass!!!

  2. I walk my dog in an area with swathes on long grass and natural planting (tick heaven) and check her for ticks after every walk. In three years, we've found and removed two of the little fellows.

  3. Dislike ticks but vet showed us how to get them out safety with a remover. They seem to like poor Rufus and harvest mites on his feet at this time of year. Would love to win this prize.

  4. Thankfully Jess has never had a tick and that's how I would like to keep it. Walking her a lot through forests and locally there is a good chance that she will get at least one and it's great to be prepared. Thank you for the informative blog and of course the chance to win

  5. Thank you for the nice pictures of Summer. All I am doing now is visualising horrid gigantic ticks! We've not had them yet. But we are near the countryside so this would certainly help!

  6. Important to check your dog over regularly – and not just for ticks. Grass seeds can cause problems too. We had to take our dog to vets whilst on holiday in Lake District this year and were prescribed antibiotics for puncture wound. She had to have a general anaesthetic and surgery on return from our holiday to remove a large grass seed from the area.

  7. Summer is the female version of our dog chip! They look identical with the same white patches on the chest and paws/ Shame I can't add a pic hahaha 🙂 Thanks for the comp flower x

  8. My dogs would thank you endlessly if they won this … we go out to the countryside in Wales a lot so we are always aware that the possibility of picking up the odd tick is easier out in the wilds (lol) … this stuff is a Godsend

  9. When we lived in Switzerland our cats were always getting ticks and we had to remove them with those special tweezers. So far we've not had any since returning to the UK, which I'm glad about as they are quite revolting.

  10. Found a tick on the dog once but it dropped off when I drowned it in salt. Took it into school for the nature table the children loved it and were fascinated

  11. I found a tick behind my knee and had to have antibiotics. I didn't feel it but found it when I had a shower. Horrible experience so great giveaway

  12. really great handy prize with 4 dogs in our home always have the odd tick ,ooh horrible things my little Alfie had a big tick on his face earlier this year it took 3 at the vets to calm him down to remove it poor little boy fingers crossed

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