Replacing Appliances (review if you can!)

I hate it when an appliance breaks down, as a blogger I do
my best to source another one by offering up a review. It can sometimes be worth getting in touch
with a company and pitching an idea, especially if you have grown your social
media following and general presence on the Internet. Appliances Online are usually looking for video reviews so if you
have someone with a steady hand to help you and your happy enough to speak on
camera I would say get in touch! Some
of you sensible times might have taken out a policy for repairs so can rest on
your laurels as someone comes to your house and gets it operating again – but I
always begrudge the cost after investing in a new machine, I just take it for
granted it will last the distance…

But if you don’t have a policy
and you haven’t managed to get a review freebie (technically its not free we
work hard promoting and building our blogs!) and then it’s back to the drawing
board. I would love to say I am the
kind of person with a contingency fund, but much to my dad’s disgust I am
not. I live hand to mouth, day by
day. It’s not ideal but its what it is,
its tough starting out and supporting a family. Give me a couple more years and I will have savings. Just not quite yet!

I have been watching a lot of
Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away! and it’s very addictive, so if you can save up
for something first great probably best too, its not worth getting into a
financial pickle if you can help it. 
But certain items households really do need, if the washing machine goes
forget that I don’t want to handwash, it would take far too long with all the
clothes the boys go through! I don’t fancy my chances at the launderette – yes I probably would get eaten by a machine.

would never want to send them to school unclean, so I would return to my
options and Vivus for a short-term loan
is one possibility, just because your first loan has an offer of half price
interest. It’s that or go to my dad cap
in hand and borrow some cash, but I like him to think I can manage my finances. He’s a proud man and always had an impeccable
record with managing his finances. I
can’t fault him as a role model, but occasionally I have to take matters in my
own hands and look like at 37 I am in control of my destiny!

Fortunately I
just had a new tumble dryer to review the rather gorgeous AEG
T88595IS Heat Pump Tumble Dryer
, just look at the silver display panel very stylish.

Now I just need the washing machine to
behave itself until someone opens up their review books!

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