Travelling with Little Ones

held off travelling when my boys were younger, I don’t think I felt quite brave
enough with a toddler and a baby in tow. 
It was silly really as there are lots of companies that are very baby
and it’s a great time to get away. Babies’ nap, they go with the flow and as I have now learnt they
aren’t always as demanding as pre-teens who get “bored” easily and always want
to know what is next! Usually holidays
are exhausting these days as its one theme park after another, back then the
boys would have been happy with a lot less and we could have recuperated in the
sunshine. You know when just smiling at them was enough to get them giggling in delight!

But put off holidays I was, I guess
I worried about how secure any property we booked would be, at home we had
stair gates and other safety measures in place. Fortunately Tots to Travel ensure all the properties on their
books have been inspected to meet very stringent safety requirements. This I find very reassuring as I am a natural
born worrier, I would spend the whole holiday on edge otherwise. Thankfully all the pools have barriers of
some kind so you can enjoy the outside space without constantly panicking
whilst your child has a safe place to play.

Another reason I was reluctant to travel when they were
young was the thought of bringing all the equipment they need with me, you
could never travel light with little ones. 
Thankfully this company have taken care of that and each property has
everything you could possibly need: baby monitor, changing mat, steriliser,
potty, bed guard plus some nice extra’s like children’s DVD’s, books and toys
so you can really start to unwind from the word go. Packing will be a breeze because you know everything will be
waiting for you when you arrive. I love
the care and attention that has been put into their essential kit guarantee to
make sure each villa or cottage has the 20+ must have items you normally need
included. Blackout blinds are ideal; no
parent needs an unnecessarily early start just because the sun does shine when
you leave the UK! So hopefully you won’t need anywhere near this much luggage anymore!

Booking a villa also gives you much
more space, talking from experience sharing a room is hard going. One child will wake up then disturb the
other and then you have to work twice as hard to re-settle them. If you can spread out you can ensure at
least someone gets a decent nights sleep or you can get a bit of an evening to
yourself (its no fun turning the light out at 7pm because they won’t go to
sleep otherwise!).

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