Vauxhall Carwash Franchise starter-pack Competition

My boys are quite industrious in
their own ways; eldest is an avid watcher of The Apprentice and likes seeing
how you develop a business plan. It’s
all about BIG ideas and thinking outside the box for him. Youngest on the other hand is always on the
look out for ways to make a quick buck – including selling price labels on his
school uniform claiming they were bookmarks before now!

We didn’t want to dampen his
enthusiasm so his brother, his grandparents and myself bought some – it’s a
tricky balance between helping with his confidence and making sure his business
ideas are realistic! Outside of the
family (or close friends) he would have struggled to shift them even with his
optimistic little face and his “bargain” price of 5p each!!!

Vauxhall are all for encouraging children
to embrace this wonderful initiative they have and are offering carwash franchise starter packs. Children can then
get cracking earning a few pounds and learning all about starting up a business
in the process – it shows them with dedication, hard work and perseverance they
can be successful.

They will gain lots of beneficial
knowledge with such a venture; it’s the perfect way to help them understand the
marketing mix. The importance of
picking the right location to get enough traffic (but not too much you can’t
keep up with demand!), promoting your business to generate enough interest and
using the right pricing strategy not to put off potential customers.

It also helps to pick the right friends to
help you (ones that are willing to pitch in with the hard work!). Plus it’s a good idea to have someone with
you and always tell your parents where you will be or even better bring them
along to help!

The whole concept is ideal to keep your children entertained and might save you spending quite so much on pocket money. There is always something my two are after whether its sweets, football cards or a new computer game.

The pack includes the essential car
washing equipment (bucket, sponge and squeegee), a sign to help you advertise
your business, business cards to make it easier to get the word out there, a
guide on car washing (you want to do a decent job – repeat business is very
valuable!) and the all important fold up money box to keep your earnings safe.

have eight packs to giveaway here if you would like a chance of winning one and
help your child set up their own business please fill out the form below by the
4th of November.
Win a Vauxhall Carwash Franchise starter-pack

53 thoughts on “Vauxhall Carwash Franchise starter-pack Competition

  1. This is a super giveaway! I only passed my driving test last month (at the age od 30!!!) It is the best feeling ever being able to drive! I have a little blue corsa it has been to the garage ALOT in the few weeks I have had it LOL this would be a brilliant treat for the little brat 🙂

  2. Seems good idea as we do learn best by experience. Opportunities are needed. Business seems to impact on some much, good for children to learn life skills etc.

    Rachel Craig

  3. wow this is amazing I am seen as the strict 2nd mum to my neighbours girls and they are always after money but I believe teaching them about money as early as possible is great for them when they are older.

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