Weekend Wardrobe

It’s typical just as the temperature drops youngest has a
growth spurt and his hoodies and winter coat no longer fit him! They were fine in summer when he hardly wore
them but now his t-shirts hang well below where they end and his brother is not
quite ready to go up to the next size himself (and donate his hoodies and
jumpers in the process!), so I have an excuse for a shopping spree!

Youngest is a bit more discerning these days he likes to
pick out what he wears himself (I am not allowed to lay it out on his bed
anymore), so its important I regularly get rid of anything that’s too small or
he might well end up being seen in public in clothes he has somehow squeezed
into, he can be determined when he puts his mind to it. He also gets quite attached to his clothes
as well, so any clear out needs to be done when he isn’t watching.

I was looking on House of Fraser as I might move him away
from character wear and onto something more stylish. Here are a few of my favourites (assuming I can prise hubbie’s
wallet open to get ordering!).

Benetton Boys Quilted Jacket (£26.90)

Looks very smart, like youngest might be off to his country
estate for a game of polo. It’s
fantastic you can dress your children like this without breaking the bank. He can portray a certain type of image in
this jacket. It’s crazy how many
assumptions people make about what you wear, so I might as well try and steer
him well to begin with otherwise it might always be vivid colours and images of
Mario or Lego characters.

But if you prefer a different jacket there are lots more to pick from.

Benetton Boys Long Sleeve Logo Polo Shirt (£13.90)

I like this in navy, nice quality shirt without the price
tag you get with Ralph Lauren.

Polo Ralph Lauren Boys Flag Graphic T-Shirt

Mind you I am not adverse to a bit of designer if the price
is right, Ralph Lauren in the sale I can quite happily add to my shopping

Lyle and Scott Boys Long Sleeve Solid
Small Logo T-Shirt (£18.00)

I like long sleeve clothes like this so I can layer
youngest up, he can wear a vest, a t-shirt then a long sleeve t-shirt to trap
the warm air in. Again quite classic
and traditional, I am hoping if they dress like this they might calm down and
act a bit more serious when we head to events – mini gentlemen instead of pro

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