Where would we be without our pets?

When children get older its
well worth having a dog so someone is enthusiastic to see you when you get
home… its hard to feel down when
your greeted by a happy wagging tail. Whereas for my eldest now I am
“embarrassing mum” – not allowed to show too much
affection or draw attention to myself, probably would be best if I blended
in to the background completely as I am not too sick or swag or whatever the
hip word is these days! A dog does not have such complicated needs
like everyone else in the family, given some exercise, food and fuss they
are content whereas its a complicated formula getting hubbie to crack a
smile when he is stressed from work or to cheer up the boys when they are
overtired and grumpy after school. So hooray for Summer always
wanting to see me, bounding up for a cuddle and some fuss, she doesn’t even mind being dusted by the boys…

Had some help with the housework today although not sure the dog appreciated being dusted lol #dogsoninstagram x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Sep 4, 2016 at 12:40pm PDT

FRONTLINE carried out some
research about pets and their owners and found that 3 in 10 talk to their pets
about their life problems, I don’t know
if I go that far but I do definitely get a lot of comfort from snuggling
up on the sofa with my pooch. 40% of pet owners think their pets are more
intelligent than their friends – Summer does appear to follow commands better
than my husband anyway!

That’s not to say she isn’t
without her flaws, she can be a bit embarrassing at times, she really does not
like other dogs – to the point even dog shaped things get her worked up!
 She has lost it in front of the TV before because a dog ornament from a
valuation show dared appear in our living room. It does make
watching TV harder than normal, anything dog related, horses, shifty people in
hoodies… she will charge at the TV barking animatedly. We had to put
her in another room to watch the Beethoven film as their was no getting past
the giant St Bernard.

It does sound like its only
me though FRONTLINE found half of dog owners are a bit embarrassed by
their behaviour, from being noisy (33%), eating someone’s food (27%), making a
mess when you have guests (21%), getting amorous with someone’s leg (16%) and
getting fleas or ticks (15%). Some of the problems they tend to outgrow,
they become better trained (less likely to chew up the shoes or leave a puddle
for you to clear up!) – although she is still happy to destroy toys in search of squeakers!

Lifes aim: locate squeaker, destroy toy #dogslife #dogsofinstagram #dogs_of_instagram x

A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Jul 5, 2016 at 10:21pm PDT

If you get them neutered or spayed then they don’t tend to get frisky with legs (or
cushions or cuddly toys!). But with fleas and ticks it’s important
to have a treatment plan in place
to keep them at bay! The last thing you want a visiting guest to see is a
flea doing the long jump on the sofa they had just sat on. Once
you have fleas in your house its hard to keep on top off, flea’s breed so
fast a female can have 600 offspring in one month, you don’t want your
guests leaving with their legs covered in bites!

Treat your dog every 4 weeks with FRONTLINE® Plus
to help protect them (and in turn your home) from fleas and ticks.
 Seeing as we are a nation of pet lovers, we need to show our dogs the
same consideration and love they show us, fleabites are very itchy
for our pets and not a pleasant experience, they can be constantly scratching
and the bites can get sore and infected. 
 Double action’ FRONTLINE® Plus
not only kills fleas and ticks on the pet, it also contains
an active ingredient that stops flea eggs from hatching so you can
get on top of the problem much quicker.

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8 thoughts on “Where would we be without our pets?

  1. Oh my goodness, she sounds like an utterly loveable handful!
    I love dogs, but they are a big commitment aren't they? I do chat to the cats when it's just us at home – they are good company and don't ever argue with me 😉

  2. What a gorgeous pooch. We've got a dog; an ageing bull terrier cross who I describe as my first baby. He's such an important part of the family and now that he's 13, we're dreading the day that we have to say goodbye to him. He's been a best friend to both of my non-fur-babies, as well as a constant companion to my Husband and I and I think adopting him was genuinely of of the best things we've ever done.

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