Win a Kilrock Cleaning Bundle Worth £50

I was very grateful to be sent a selection of Kilrock
products to give my house an autumn blitz; you know those jobs you keep putting
off put that really could do with being done. 
A proper deep clean, tackling the stubborn problems that seem far too
time consuming to face normally (unless of course your equipped with the right
cleaning products, thank you Kilrock!).

Let the Autumn blitz begin 😀 #cleaning #housework #review x A photo posted by Karen (@missingsleep) on Oct 6, 2016 at 4:13pm PDT

often daydream about having my own cleaner just so I don’t have to feel like
Cinderella, it might seem a thankless task at times but you can get a real
sense of satisfaction when you see the house gleaming. It’s just it can take longer than you think
unless you have powerful effective products to tackle the most stubborn grease
and grime. Cinderella could have got
through her tasks in half the time with this line up, leaving her more time to
sing and dance with the mice… or in my case watch Netflix with a cup of tea!

decided to unblock the sink the other day, the water was very slow to drain so
I made up a solution I read about on facebook – well it did not work and my
bathroom smelt like vinegary yeast afterwards (not pleasant at all!), so the Kil-Block
Drain Unblocker is going to be a handy product to own to stop me taking matters
(unsuccessfully!) into my own hands.

We also have the occasional problem
with damp so it’s important to keep a tight rein on to prevent mould forming
which can lead to respiratory problems and aggravate my asthma. To get rid of the excess moisture the
Kilrock Damp Clear product is very clever, it gives 4 in 1 protection against
damp damage, air quality, odours and mould & mildew. It’s effective for up to three months so its
good you don’t have to change it too regularly, it can just get on with
trapping moisture.

I have a bundle of Kilrock products worth £50 as pictured below to giveaway.

Please fill out the form by the 15th
of November. Don’t forget to enter the other competitions I am running.
Win a £50 Kilrock Cleaning Bundle

260 thoughts on “Win a Kilrock Cleaning Bundle Worth £50

  1. Because of our hard water, keeping the sink shiny and the kettle descaled are full time jobs, and there are specialist products in this bundle that would be a real help

  2. I am not familiar with all these products but do already use Bar Keepers Friend which is really wonderful stuff. I am always recommending it to friends.

  3. Kilrock descaler is brilliant, it shifts scale far better than any other product I've tried. I'd love to try other Kilrock products, I hadn't realised they made so many different cleaning products.

  4. I would find it hard to find an excuse not to clean with these amazing Kilrock products. I've tried a few but this bundle would be a great motivator! 🙂

  5. I would love to win this my drain stinks & my bathroom is showing signs of mould so when i saw this i thought it would be perfect to try out there ranges one my bathroom & kitchen in hope that it helps my problem.

  6. I use Kilrock all the time as Poole is an extremely hard water area. It truly is a fantastic product. It's getting hard to find in shops (I used to get it at Lakeland but they don't stock it any more) Robert Dias still do it thankfully. If you haven't tried it I can certainly recommend it.Id love to win this amazing and most useful bundle

  7. We live in a hard water area so have to regularly use descaler. My mother-in-law has a lot of mould in her kitchen, so I could tackle that for her

  8. I would love to win as this bundle contains everthing that I need to keep my home clean and usually there is a product I need for a certain job and I don't have it. Yhis bundles contains it all x

  9. I'd love to win as I love trying new and better improved products and these look fab.i also am in need of unblocking my kitchen sink so would love to try as I've found other products a let down xx

  10. To give this house a good old deep clean, unblock drains and unleash a new lease of life. I buy a lot of cleaning products anyway, but having some stronger ones will make me feel as though I have acheived more

  11. Oh wow I would love to win this super looking collection because I live in a very busy household and I am in charge of cleaning, These products sound fantastic I would really like to try them out 🙂

  12. As have been rearranging furniture etc :- In need of good cleaning products to spruce the place up. Sparkling Clean would be nice, in time for visitors etc.

    Rachel craig

  13. Am at home at the minute trying to do a big declutter of the house before Christmas and noticed things like the grout needing doing in the bathroom – also have terrible limescale here, have used Kilroc before and it works well!

  14. I would love to win because if I'm being honest, I'm lazy when it comes to cleaning my home so when I DO get round to it, the jobs I need to tackle are usually more difficult/stubborn and I've tried to many different products and none of them really seem to do what they say they can do. I haven't tried these products before but as I have mould, damp, condensation and grease problems, I'd love the chance to put them through their paces!

  15. I could really make use of the damp clear and mould sprays, last winter it was a lot of work to keep on top of the damp problem, and the cleaning products would help me too

  16. I'd love to win for my daughter. She has just bought her first home, a rather neglected 2-up 2-down, and could do with these products to try and restore the taps and other things which are covered with a heavy encrustation of limescale.

  17. This would be perfect to do a big clean up. These would work well on those hard to clean areas. Never tried any of these before and am intrigued to see how good they are

  18. My house is in desperate need of a great clean! Just booked for my living room carpet to be done professionally next week and my oven to be cleaned before Christmas – these would be perfect to sort the rest of the house out 🙂 x

  19. I recently spent a holiday in the best cottage I have ever stayed in – when I came back to my house- it felt grimy and I didn't want to be there- so its going to get a Autumn /Winter Blitz of such magnitude that the whole population of the village will be commenting about the aroma of cleaning products in the air!!!!!

  20. I would love to win this as I've have been trying to make much more effort to keep on top of my housework so these cleaning products would really help me, thanks for the chance to win them x

  21. I would love to win this fabulous bundle of cleaning products. I always give our home a total blitz in November in the run up to the beginning of December and the decorations going up. I blitz the house from top to bottom, every nook and cranny and every cupboard and drawer so I would love to be able to use some excellent new cleaning products to help me make my task easier!

  22. This would be perfect for the presence Christmas clean up. I've a massive overhaul to do before Christmas this year.

  23. I would love to win because we have mould and would love to try some of these products to clear it. Also, i haven't tried these products before, so it would be nice to try something new!

  24. I feel like I'm never done cleaning at the moment with winter sickness bugs, potty training toddler, spilt tea and lots of messy winter arts & crafts, these products would be very well used in this house.

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