Getting Active with Kick Darts

I am all for finding new and exciting ways
to encourage my boys to get active. They
do swimming at the moment but most other activities have fallen by the wayside
so it’s time to try something different to spurn them on all over again! My two get bored easily and like to try diverse

In the past we have had karate, rugby,
racket sports, football and kayaking. 
Some lasted longer than others and it looks like they might actually
return to football on their own accord which would be good. I find they need frequent exercise otherwise
they can be a bit too high spirited and start wrestling at home instead. Boisterous boys need to burn off some

I was looking at Kick Darts which combines football and
darts! Given they are slowly getting
enthusiastic for football again this would be ideal timing to start. I think the local football club should actually
think about buying one, it would be a good way to coax more children to come to
training. Plus it could be set up for
fundraising events as it would definitely capture everyone’s interest.

A little video of the game in action is
included below.

You can see how it uses Velcro football
balls to stick to the giant inflatable darts board. It is a good way to focus training on target
practice as you try and get the highest score. 
Adults and children alike seemed keen to have a try.

Depending on the costs of set up I would be
quite keen to get one for the boys’ birthday parties; I can imagine lots of
children eager to play! They would love
the novelty as it’s something we have never seen before and would be a talking
point at school for a long time afterwards. I am so glad I have stumbled upon the game.

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